leaping over February this year

Oh gosh, I managed to do it again, not updating for over a month. At least I have a better excuse, because even though it’s a leap year, February still has fewer days than other months! February was also a busy month at work, not only were we finishing up the busy season but we had to put everything together for a big expo as well.

I also spent my extra day of the year very well, I think, at Disneyland’s One More Disney Day. Twenty-four hours straight of Disneyland! Woo! March 1st I spent in front of the tv, trying to recuperate.

Hopefully this won’t be my post of the month, because I do have ideas for blog entries, I just lack the time to formulate my thoughts and type them up here!

Disneyland’s fireworks shows

This past Sunday I went with some family members to Disneyland and we stayed until midnight to catch the last Magical fireworks show of the year (and to see Fantasmic and to ride more rides).

My review of the Magical and Remember…Dreams Come True fireworks shows:

The parts of Magical I really enjoy are the colored castle (especially during the Pinocchio segment XD trippy!), the part where the two Sleeping Beauty fairies (Merryweather and Flora/Fauna, I can’t remember which :/) are arguing over the color of Aurora’s dress (Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue!), and the confetti/colorful fireworks. Especially, especially the colorful fireworks that are like fireflies and zoom around even after the firework explodes. :D I love those. (I also love waterfall fireworks and sizzly fireworks, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Despite those great parts, I tend to tune out after a while during the show. :/ It just doesn’t keep my attention. And, for a show that seems to rely so much on the music, the sound is really crappy. Bad sound system. :/ Disney, how can you disappoint the audiophiles?? Also the singer(s?) yells (please learn how to project from your diaphragm and not your voicebox) during some parts…

Another part that was supposed to be great was Dumbo. But the flying elephant didn’t wow me. I probably expected too much, I didn’t realize … well … that the Dumbo costume would be so huge and probably too unwieldy for the person inside. I fully expected Dumbo to move his body and limbs around more than he does!

Whereas Remember probably does not have a superb soundtrack, but hey there’s a whole story to the show (Disneyland!) and omigosh I LOVE the Haunted Mansion portion of the show. Every single fireworks show for the rest of my life will be compared to that. And none will top it. XD XD

Okay maybe I’m just biased. I can’t really remember the fireworks portion of Remember… other than the ones for the Haunted Mansion. The fireworks for Magical have more of a running theme (magic! color! sis boom bah!) and don’t appear to be just random colors.

But … if I compare based only on the end result, zoning out halfway through Magical and following Remember all the way through the show, I think I’d have to go for Remember…. ^^

so much Disney

All right, my birthday weekend post, almost a month late. :o

Saturday I went with my brother and cousins to Anime Expo, woot! Tracey and her friend saw a panel on Trigun, then we wandered around upstairs where they had all these things scheduled. We were too late for the line dancing. :( Not that I really wanted to learn line dancing, though, I could probably find an odori class somewhere in West L.A., hahaha. I just wanted to watch! But they wouldn’t let us in. pooh.

After that we went to the vendor hall and wandered around there for the rest of the time. I got some clothes, a magazine, a Snoopy, and some Japanese paper at Kinokuniya later.

Then I wandered around the artist area while everyone else rested on the side. I saw a couple artists whom I follow on deviantArt, talked to one of them (didn’t introduce myself though; I’m a lurker watcher on her dA page >.>), skipped the other because her table was so busy and I was getting exhausted. Talked to some other artists … I don’t remember their names though.

When we were done at AX we drove up to J-town and ate dinner at the Curry House. Yay! Yum! And we checked out Kinokuniya, where I stock up on Japanese paper, both washi and origami. XD

Walked around the Japanese Village Plaza (or whatever it’s called), a lot of stores were closed for Fourth of July.

After all that we went our separate ways and Hidek and I went home where we greeted our grandparents and had apple pie a la mode before watching the fireworks display. woo! (The fireworks are fairly boring compared to Disneyland, but heck this show is in our very own backyard! [Or, visible from our backyard.] Can’t beat that!)

The next day my family and I drove down to Disneyland where I paid for a blockout pass ($40) in order to get my fun card for my birthday ($69) since I have an annual pass and can get in for free (technically) almost any day. So I came out $29 ahead! Which I spent on a hat last time I went to Disneyland. :P Now whatever I get on my fun card, I’ve already given Disney cash for it.

We wandered around Downtown Disney for a while, but it was so unbearably hot and humid that we didn’t stick around much, and we moved on to Knott’s Berry Farm! We didn’t go in the park, just ate at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant (is that the name?) and looked through a few shops in the area.

We definitely checked out the Snoopy headquarters store! hee! I was sort of disappointed though. There was only one new Snoopy plushie, in swim trunks and holding a surfboard, and not many other plushies of other characters. :/ I saw Mr. Snoops in the store though! (The Snoopy in a business suit. :3) I thought it was hilarious to see a Snoopy in a suit with a really huge head. As evidenced in my Snoopy family portrait, my Snoops has a smushed head, or as Tadash puts it, he’s been rendered brainless. *grin*

That was my wonderful birthday weekend! (And today we get to do the Downtown Disney part again for my brother’s birthday. :D)

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