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All right, my birthday weekend post, almost a month late. :o

Saturday I went with my brother and cousins to Anime Expo, woot! Tracey and her friend saw a panel on Trigun, then we wandered around upstairs where they had all these things scheduled. We were too late for the line dancing. :( Not that I really wanted to learn line dancing, though, I could probably find an odori class somewhere in West L.A., hahaha. I just wanted to watch! But they wouldn’t let us in. pooh.

After that we went to the vendor hall and wandered around there for the rest of the time. I got some clothes, a magazine, a Snoopy, and some Japanese paper at Kinokuniya later.

Then I wandered around the artist area while everyone else rested on the side. I saw a couple artists whom I follow on deviantArt, talked to one of them (didn’t introduce myself though; I’m a lurker watcher on her dA page >.>), skipped the other because her table was so busy and I was getting exhausted. Talked to some other artists … I don’t remember their names though.

When we were done at AX we drove up to J-town and ate dinner at the Curry House. Yay! Yum! And we checked out Kinokuniya, where I stock up on Japanese paper, both washi and origami. XD

Walked around the Japanese Village Plaza (or whatever it’s called), a lot of stores were closed for Fourth of July.

After all that we went our separate ways and Hidek and I went home where we greeted our grandparents and had apple pie a la mode before watching the fireworks display. woo! (The fireworks are fairly boring compared to Disneyland, but heck this show is in our very own backyard! [Or, visible from our backyard.] Can’t beat that!)

The next day my family and I drove down to Disneyland where I paid for a blockout pass ($40) in order to get my fun card for my birthday ($69) since I have an annual pass and can get in for free (technically) almost any day. So I came out $29 ahead! Which I spent on a hat last time I went to Disneyland. :P Now whatever I get on my fun card, I’ve already given Disney cash for it.

We wandered around Downtown Disney for a while, but it was so unbearably hot and humid that we didn’t stick around much, and we moved on to Knott’s Berry Farm! We didn’t go in the park, just ate at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant (is that the name?) and looked through a few shops in the area.

We definitely checked out the Snoopy headquarters store! hee! I was sort of disappointed though. There was only one new Snoopy plushie, in swim trunks and holding a surfboard, and not many other plushies of other characters. :/ I saw Mr. Snoops in the store though! (The Snoopy in a business suit. :3) I thought it was hilarious to see a Snoopy in a suit with a really huge head. As evidenced in my Snoopy family portrait, my Snoops has a smushed head, or as Tadash puts it, he’s been rendered brainless. *grin*

That was my wonderful birthday weekend! (And today we get to do the Downtown Disney part again for my brother’s birthday. :D)

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Knott’s Berry Farm summary

Woo! XD Knott’s! Auntie and Noelle and SM00 got here after ten, and we got at the park after eleven some time. Quick run-through:

Xcelerator (Tadash), Supreme Scream (Mum, Auntie, SM00), Perilous Plunge (all but Daddy and Hidek) ahhh!, Big Foot Rapids (all), lunch at that big foot grill (biiig burgers and hot dogs! o_o) or maybe lunch was before BFR?, Log Ride (all), Mine train thing (all), Montezuma’s Revenge (Tadash), Revolucion (me, Mum, SM00) which was sooo cool except it made me a bit sick when the thing would come down, Jaguar (all but Mum, Auntie, Hidek), Dragon Swing (all but Hidek, Daddy, Auntie) which made me actually feel sick because of Revolucion, went to Daddy’s store XD bought two Snoopys (one sleepy pink Snoopy and one fluffy Snoopy with Woodstock) and a July dancy Snoopy keychain, Wilderness Scrambler (Auntie, Mum, me, SM00), dinner at Ghost Town grill? slt, train, Log Ride again (me, Mum, SM00, Noelle) because I like it better at night, Camp Snoopy to look through the store.

So much fun! So many rides! So much walking! So much sun! *sunburned on the shoulders* So much soda! (Pepsi, Sierra Mist, sarsaparilla :b) It was soooo cool! XD Too bad Uncle couldn’t go though. :(

I wonder if I’ll go on Xcelerator next year. Still not sure. ^^;; Same with Supreme Scream.

While looking through the shops, though, I kept seeing things, and I’d think, ‘I like this, but I don’t want to pay for it. Maybe I’d make a boyfriend buy it for me. XD’ I don’t know … One is this $30 Snoopy that’s bigbig, but not the huuuge one in the center of the store. There were some necklaces, too. Stuff. Ah well. (10:31)

Knott’s trip

^^;; Okay, try to make this a quickie.

Yesterday (Monday) went to Knott’s!! :D:D Yaaay! *can’t remember the date of the last visit* Woke up at 9:20. Went to bed around … 4 … maybe. >.>;; Auntie and Uncle got here at 10:20. Forgot the time we got at Knott’s. Rode in Jedi Mako’s van. ^_^

Got there, went on Ghostrider (said it was a 2 hour wait; we waited an hour or so). O_O Daaang. I forgot that it’s “the longest and wildest wooden coaster.” x.x It was fun … but I got a headache. ;.; Don’t think I’d go on again … but I dunno. Maybe I’m forgetting most of why I didn’t like it. ^^;; It was … violent. >b

After that … Big Foot Rapids was closed for the day. Ate lunch (hot dog), walked through Ghost Town shops, the museum, then Mystery Lodge (Auntie wanted to see it), walked up to the bumper cars, the boys went on, the girls and Auntie and Mommy went to Cordy’s corner. Got Snoopy ring (the one that fell off; just realized today it has no “feet,” the white parts of his feet are missing Y-Y), Snoopy figurine, and Snoopy t-shirt. XD

In the Sanrio part of the store (err, store adjacent) where the “stage door” for Snoopy is, we sat at the bench, and Mommy heard this boy ask the cashier what was with the door because it looked like we were all waiting for Snoopy. XP Mommy said we were “Snoopy groupies.” XDD

After that stared up at Perilous Plunge. O_O … Decided to try it out after all. Was nervous all during the wait in line. The pattern went: watch them go down, feel like it isn’t all that bad, feel worse. :b But it reeeally wasn’t that bad! I had my eyes closed when we went down, though. >.> Next time (yes there’s a next time! :D) I’ll keep them open. But I don’t know how much that’ll help, because I couldn’t wear my glasses on the ride. >P I got DRENCHED! Jedi Mako’s and my hair were all drippy for a little while. ^^’ Daddy even wrung his shirt out on the bridge. XD

Mickey got 2.5 laps around the “Knott’s 500.” Went on Sky Cabin (oooh … Mommy: “Isn’t Orange County so boring? No Mar Vista hills …”). Walked past Boomerang, Xcelerator (Noelle and SM00 wanted to go on, and Tadash, but not that time), Supreme Scream (SM00 wants to go on ^^;), La Revolucion (I think maybe next time I’ll try it. seriously), and through Camp Snoopy, past Snoopy’s Gr8 Sk8 (which looked really painful x_x *watches their heads get snapped back and forth*). Rode on Jaguar, which seemed reeally tame after Ghostrider. x.X; ^.^;; But still fuun. :D

Then went to Mrs. Knott’s restaurant. We tried to figure out what the stamp was supposed to say. Mommy said it was supposed to say Knott’s. Everyone kept reading “iso …” I read “Fishead.” XP Upside down I read “choosi.” o.O; *ahem* Waited a loong while for food. Was 6:40 or so at the time. Saw Dick Van Dyke and Elizabeth’s signatures in the guest registry. :) Goood food. All ten of us sat at one table. w00t! ^_^ Had chicken ‘n dumplings with creamy chicken noodle soup and salad with honey mustard dressing. :9 Went back to park. Everyone forgot to read the stamp when they checked us at the re-entrance. ^^;; I read “Knott’s isahoot.” :b

Umm … I forget what we did after that. Went on the train, I guess. Then made fast tracks back to Camp Snoopy to look at the gift shop. There’s a jumbo Snoopy for $75. o.o At Cordy’s Corner I was sure they were marked $29.95 … *shrugs* Oh well. Either way, I’m getting one some time in my lifetime. >D

There were these two mini books, one on friendships and one on love. The friends one had Snoopy hugging Woodstock and saying “Oh friend of friends” (something like that) and the love one had Sally saying “Sweet Babboo” on the cover. ^_^ There was also a regular-sized book, “Peanuts on Love” (I think?) Read that a lot a lot and loved it. ^__^ Left the park, ’cause it was closing. :( Got home.

Oh yeah! George! Haha. While we were on Ghostrider, Hidek and Daddy went walking around Ghost Town and Daddy won one of those monkeys hanging off a plastic bar at a hoops game. It took him three tries. Hehe. Hung it up on the lamp/light chain in Mommy and Daddy’s room. Cattre liked it. Wulfie was interested. Mommy said this morning she came in the room and the light was on, so “There was some monkey business going on, ohoho.” XP

who am I to say?

*throws confetti* Yaay! Let’s celebrate! XD Lots of reasons to celebrate!

Mommy told me the Amazon order is in Nevada right now and that we should get it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Yaaay! ^__^ But my You’re the Storm single is in a different shipment. :( ‘Cause it’s an import. Oh well. I shall wait longer for my song. Then I’ll remake my burned Cardigans CD. ‘Cause I got tired of Pikebubbles and Sunday Circus.

Tomorrow we go to Knott’s!! XDDD Can’t waaait! Err, maybe I can. Because I have to try to get to bed early to wake up in time. ^^;; (too many “to”s in that sentence x.x)

I think that I am pretty much done with writing stuff for SMC. I can’t think of anything else to add that doesn’t give too much info about me, so I’m just gonna add my collections and stuff and upload it. Wheee. :)

I think that’s all.

night before shenanigans

SM00 and Noelle and Tadash are here to sleep over until Knott’s Berry Farm on Monday. WOOHOO!! I’ve missed my yearly helping of Knott’s. ^^;; I wanna get a huge Snoopy shirt there. I kinda tore my kitty shirt I use for pjs. >.> Ooh, and we’re gonna go on Perilous Plunge, and Bigfoot Rapids, and ooh ooh, Ghostrider and Log Ride and Gran Slam and and and … ^^ Yay!!!

Oh yeah. Yoinked SM00’s Christina Aguilera album and got Beautiful and Fighter. w00t! *really likes Fighter* Also got these other two songs I really like. Make Over and I’m OK. :D And Walk Away is all right. I would say the order from most to least (but not dis) liked is Fighter, Make Over, I’m Ok, Beautiful, and Walk Away. ^__^