Don’t write yourself off yet

Ahaha wow, I am about (depending on how you look at it…) 17% done with setting up my new blog? Yep, 17% over the past 6+ years. Still slowly trying to work on it.

But anyway. Based on the past two entries I seem to have a theme of posting here when I’ve got a serious case of nostalgia.

Enter: KROQ’s [Absolut] Almost Acoustic Christmas. I wanted to record my personal comments on the line-ups somewhere.
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Weenie Roasts of yore

The line-up for KROQ’s summer concert, Weenie Roast, was announced earlier this month. I’ve wanted to go to Weenie Roast before, and even managed to watch it once.

But this year… This year I actually have a source of income (small as it may be), and yet I don’t want to go. First of all it’s because I’m only interested in The Strokes of all the twelve bands, and only somewhat interested. (I’ve never heard of over half those bands, which probably goes to show how little I listen to KROQ nowadays.)

Secondly, I realized… I’m just different. There is a palpable change in my personality, oh my gosh! I’m getting old, I change less and less every year, compared to the years in my childhood, so it’s fascinating to me when I notice a change.

From the 2004 line-up, the bands I wanted to see and my current opinion: The Strokes – meh; Bad Religion – nope; Yeah Yeah Yeahs – maybe; Velvet Revolver – ew no; Yellowcard – nope; New Found Glory – nope; Modest Mouse – maybe; and The Killers – yeah right.

2005: Hot Hot Heat – nope; Interpol – nope; Jimmy Eat World – I only really liked Bleed American their self-titled album; The Killers!! – (exclamation points from original entry, hahaha!) nope; My Chemical Romance – no way in hell; MXPX – I don’t even remember who this band is; Queens otSA – maybe, but I haven’t listened to anything but Songs for the Deaf; Alkaline Trio – nope; The Bravery – nope.

Anyway. I didn’t say much in this entry. My music tastes have changed, big woop. But a slight change from 2004, I might be willing now to go see a live musical performance. I’ve seen Celtic Woman a number of times, “dragged” there by my brother, and if I got a seat far back enough from the stage maybe the volume won’t hurt my ears.

The only rock band I have any interest in seeing perform live though is Muse. I think they’re in L.A. this summer? I keep seeing ads on Facebook for tickets. But no one else I know is into Muse, so I’d be going alone, which would never happen.

voting for the stars

(I am so lazy, I’m writing this a few weeks too late.)

I’ve watched Dancing with the Stars since the season that Marie Osmond was on (researching on Wikipedia, it was season 5, fall 2007) although I’ve never actually watched an entire season. I just watch the occasional episde because I don’t like the anticipation and drama of reality shows. (“Just get it over with,” I always scream in my head.)

I saw Marie Osmond (by the time she had her hyperventilating/fainting episode I’d already tuned out) and I saw Sabrina Bryan absolutely robbed (I still think she should have won ;P). I skipped watching Kristi Yamaguchi’s season, opting to focus on schoolwork and figuring she was already the winner before the show started anyway.

I didn’t tune in again until after I graduated college and was back home where my brother regularly watched the show. His watching made it easier for me to remember to watch, and it made my viewing in general much easier, because I could walk in and out of his room when I was interested or not.

Fall of 2009 I rooted for Kelly Osbourne, the next season it was Niecy Nash. Fall of 2010 I really tried to see the whole season, but after Margarte Cho left I got bored, and Brandy wasn’t enough of a draw for me. Although I do think Jennifer Grey won the season after the first episode, I also think it was completely unfair for Brandy to get kicked off over Bristol Palin?! I still regret not watching and supporting Brandy more.

When the list of stars for the current season was released, and everyone was calling it Dancing with the Lesser Known Stars, I have to say I wasn’t really interested. But after listening to Kevin & Bean on KROQ in the morning while lying in bed, and I realized this Mike Catherwood was the host Psycho Mike, I suddenly became much more amused (and interested).

I sat down and watched the few dancers I was interested in for the first two weeks, even going so far as to register on in order to vote for Mike (and Kirstie, and Ralph). After all the hassle of registering (tried 3 or 4 times before it worked -_-) I was really disappointed Mike was voted off.

I didn’t vote for him as a joke. I honestly wanted to see if he could improve his dancing. “He had two weeks,” my brother told me. But still! I wanted to see more of him!

As Kevin and/or Bean said, though, “At least now we don’t have to watch the show.” I looked forward to hearing their remarks about it the day after the results show, but they really are too negative for my tastes. Now I can go back to rooting for the standards. Go Ralph!! (I really should log on and vote for him. I’ve had two weeks to get over my disappointment. ;P)

In conclusion, I find it hilarious that KROQ, a rock radio station, was my impetus to finally register to vote on Dancing with the Stars after all these years.

radio flashback?

I think I stopped listening to the radio nonstop after Memorial Day weekend. KROQ was doing their 90s music weekend, so I stopped turning on the radio.

I have it turned on now, though, and it’s weird. They’ve played The Used’s “The Taste of Ink” and Dashboard Confessional’s “Hands Down.” Is it just ’cause they’ve stopped their gimmicky stuff so they’re back to playing whatever music? It’s fun, regardless. X)

It reminded me of what music I have. I’m going through that phase again where I think I have no music to listen to, despite owning over 100 CDs. It’s just that I’ve listened to all of them so many times … :x

So, next time I feel like popping a CD in my stereo? I’ve got Dashboard Confessional’s A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar. Also Savage Garden. I haven’t listened to that album since … high school.

webcast Roasted

I watched most of the Weenie Roast webcast today. Erm. Well not watched, exactly, but listened. I watched most parts of The Killers onstage though. They played a new song! I really really like it! XD I think they said (not at Weenie Roast) that they’re going to start recording their new album, and it’ll probably come out this time next year … pooh. Long time. Not as long as Evanescence though. >.> I think theirs is coming out November or so. That’s info that some Italian (…?) company received.

I think I like listening to KROQ more lately because of all the “retro” bands or, as Hidek says, bands copying The Strokes. *shrug* I mean, I guess it’s true. It’s a money-maker, so record companies are signing more of them … more goody for me then. ^^

Oh yeah. I’ve changed my mind. I like Hot Hot Heat. Their first single, Bandages, was repetitive … but their other songs aren’t as much. I think. And it’s fun peppy music. So I add it to my list, muahaha. Dood, so many bands were wearing black! Some looked like they were dying … or wouldn’t have minded a jump in a pool of ice. hah.