and L.A. goes on

I can’t believe Hal Fishman is dead. I can’t even write a nicely worded post for him. He’s just … gone. A part of L.A. has died.

I remember when Larry McCormick died, but this … is so much worse. Hal was always on the news! (Er, during the weekdays … when he wasn’t on vacation.) I never watched anyone else regularly like I did with him. I’ve watched the news since … elementary school, the 90s.

Mum worries what the news will be like without him. :( He had such integrity, she said, and no one else has all his experience. (Yeah, don’t know many newscasters that have been around since the 1960s, they’re all in their 30s and 40s, maybe 50s, now.)

It may be lame, but I sort of want a DVD collection of all his commentaries. XD; He’s just a newscaster, not a celebrity, but I want to be able to watch him again. How can he not be here?? :(

eta@5:56pm: I found out from the KTLA Prime News Tuesday broadcast that Hal Fishman was in Germany when the wall went up in 1960, for KCOP. dood, I didn’t even recognize him in the footage! o.o

cactusy earthquake

Last Thursday there was an earthquake. Somewhere in the desert. Something like … east of Riverside? At the time I thought it was Mum getting really serious about her vacuuming. hah. I went up to talk with her. She asked me, “What do you think, 4.5 to 5?” I, as the inexperienced one, could only reply, “Maybe, I dunno.” And that was it.

Then Daddy called and he and Mum talked and stuff and Daddy said he was trying to go to this one website but it was down and etc. A little while later Mum checked channel 4 and they were talking about it and said it was 5.2. I showed Mum the website and then Daddy called again.

Later that day when we were taking paint off the porch there was no Ellen or Dr. Phil ’cause channel 4 was still covering the earthquake. ;.; So we didn’t work for that long.

The next day Mum told me Hal Fishman’s commentary on the media coverage: all the journalists and whoever else were excited and everything and took up the airwaves for hours for an earthquake in cactus land? hah! Mum even teased Daddy, saying, “You called home talking about the earthquake.”

tv; Chobits DVD

Woo. Tonight I watched 7th Heaven and some family tv awards. Dunno why. Just felt like it. Oh yeah. Wanted to know when the season premieres are. Sept 15. Remind me to make a note to watch it …

Right now the news is on. The first 12 minutes were taken up by a car chase. -.- Hal Fishman voiced his opinion of them. XD GoOo Hal! :b

Watched Chobits today with Noelle and SM00. And Auntie watched it at the end while she was making dinner. Hehehe … ^-^ It was weird watching Chii move.

Fried Green Tomatoes; Citizen Kane; gravestones

I think I am too old to be a carefree child, and too young to be anything else. :b Intead of “too old to be young and too young to be old” as said by Evelyn Couch. I finished that yesterday. Did I say that? I liked it.

I don’t know if I ever saw the ending to the movie. ^^;; Sat through the beginning and middle like three times, and I can’t ever recall the ending … like I saw Joy Luck Club two or three or four times, and it wasn’t until the fourth time that I remembered the ending long after I saw the whole movie. o.o;;

Today I watched KTLA News (Jennifer what’s-her-name kept laughing while she was looking at the Fox 11 copter pilot …), VH1/MTV stuff, uh … A.I. (the last half O_o), parts of Kikujiro XD, then watched Citizen Kane with Mommy. Fell asleep at one part. *falls over*

At the beginning, I kept laughing. And it’s all The Simpsons’ fault. XP But anyway. Good movie. Really bad tape. Mommy said we’re gonna get it on DVD. Yay, maybe then I’ll understand whatall they’re saying.

That reminds me. Not to spoil the book or anything (don’t think it’s much of a spoiler, I think the thing afterwards is more surprising … but then again, what do I know? I read things differently from other people. >.>) but when Evelyn visited the cemetary and saw the double headstone (or whatever they’re called … for couples) and I thought, gee, isn’t that a nice thing to have? One dies, the other just sits around knowing there’s something with his/her name on it, just waiting for the final date, then the people who made the gravestone in the first place have got another job over and done with. That was rather cynical, ne? ^^;;

Anyway. I also thought, what’s it like, to be expected to lie next to this person for eternity…. You know, to be tied in such a way … like, there’s the man’s name, there’s the woman’s first name, the man’s last name (legally her last name, but blah), and uhh … I’m just being weird. But still. It’s a thought.

Another thing, are their graves closer to each other than any others? Or is there like a certain distance away they have to start digging, so as not to hit any other caskets … which reminds me, I always wondered, like in X-Files when they dug up bodies, how did they do that? Would’t it be rude to strike the casket? Would they use that same marred one when they rebury the body? Or is it already marred by whatever’s going on in the ground?

Something I just thought … what if someone has their partner die, then remarries (respectably), where are they buried? Together? Separate? The first person with the second person? Or is it all in the prenuptials or something? Ahaha. Now I’m really being weird. What’s worse? Having two headstones or two grave plots? Two partners to choose between, or two families? And how did they do it in the past? Wife goes in the guy’s family cemetary, I guess. ^^;;

Family cemetaries give me the creeps. Ever since I saw that Nightmare Gallery episode. EEEEE!! *runs away with her hands thrown over her head at the thought*