A computer-less weekend! Oh my!

Let’s start on Saturday. Mum wanted me to help her make the cookies, so I did that. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (or chocolate chip oatmeal cookies?) with some coconut thrown in ’cause Mum likes that, and “holiday nuggets.” I dunno what they are. ._. They’ve got lots of shortening and butter and sifted powdered sugar and chopped nuts, and they’re covered in powdered sugar. Very good. heehee.

Since Mum was doing other stuff (I forget what), and my elbows are I am so frickin weak, we got Mickey to hold the bowl for me while I stirred everything into dough. ehehe. And since Mickey was sacrificing his time, I thought we should put on some Christmas videos so he wouldn’t be so bored.

We watched Timmy’s Gift (Precious Moments), then It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (saw the first and last Christmas specials on TV last week), then Care Bear’s Nutcracker Suite, I Love Lucy Christmas special, Madeline’s Christmas (that tape’s going bad ;.;), then Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol (and an added short that’s on the DVD), then Mickey’s Christmas Carol, then Brand Spanking New Doug Christmas special.

Grandpa’s birthday was the Monday (or Tuesday?) before, so he and Grandma came over for Chinese take-out to celebrate. My great aunt had them over for dinner earlier that week, too. Uncle R couldn’t come Saturday ’cause he had to work. XD So we had good eats. Then Little Women, the 1933 version with Katherine Hepburn, was on, so we watched that. Grandma could name practically all the actors. o.o But then again, I just remembered that she asked me only once where Hidek was. Hmm. It was Grandpa who asked about a dozen times during the movie, “Is that Katherine Hepburn?” *blink*

They left a little while before the movie ended, to pick up Uncle R? So Mickey popped in another tape and he, Mum, Daddy and I watched the Hey Arnold and old Doug and Edith Ann Christmas specials.

At nine Meet Me in St. Louis was on, so Mum and I watched that until 11. ^^ One of my favorite movies, wheee!

Sunday I wrapped my presents to everybody (except Mickey and Hidek ’cause Mum did that for helping her with the cookies), then made the brownies. Mum watched The Homecoming while she made the yams. I like that movie all right, but I guess at my age it just moves too slowly for me. When I’m older I’ll probably enjoy it more. I didn’t watch the whole thing. I left around the time John Boy went to the church. Oh, I guess I went on the computer over the weekend. I talked to Adam, then went to bed at midnight.

Christmas day Mum woke me up at 8:30. I got dressed, opened my Santa present ($15), then we were actually on time and left at 9. *shock* The streets were so empty. XD One of my favorite parts of Christmas. L.A. is so dead! We got to Auntie G’s, unpacked, hung around for breakfast that Tadash and Noelle and Auntie made. Mickey and I washed the dishes and Mum dried and put things away. Then we watched Hidek beat my cousin’s husband at Texas hold’em and win $5. XD; Then we opened presents. Noelle liked her present from us. :D It was a $20-bill folded into a ring and it was in a ring box. XDD Noelle Tadash and SM00 gave me a Dooney & Bourke wristlet that SM00 picked out. I like it, it’s cute and not ugly like lots of purses out there nowadays, and it’s definitely classy.

Tadash got the Axis & Allies boardgame, so the boys and aforementioned cousin’s husband and Uncle G played that. I did the money. Muahahaha, that is my role in (boardgame) life. I finally learned how to play the game. o.o My brothers had played with my dad’s game since elementary school, then Tadash has been borrowing it lately, and we never really knew how to play. ahaha. It’s a role-playing game. o.O Gotta roll dice, always roll dice, more and more dice… I’m okay. I’ve just never seen so many dice in one place outside of a game store. I think they got through three rounds of turns.

Technically the Axis (cous’ hus and Uncle G) was winning when we had to clean up for dinner. Uncle G gained a lot of land, and he had a huge army. Mickey had land, but his resources were thin. Hidek had pretty much the same as at the beginning (oh, plus 6 tanks and no transport XD) and I think Tadash had about the same as well. He called me a Nazi ’cause I thought the Axis looked like it would win. booo.

Noelle’s family left after/during dinner (after theirs, during ours, hehe). Hidek had me and Mickey play Big 3 then Egyptian War during/after dinner. Afterwards, I read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. II some then had dessert and sat around listening to grownups talk while Hidek, Mickey, and second-oldest cousin did the dishes. We left soon after that, ’cause Mickey had to work today, and they were starting up The Devil Wears Prada. ;.; I missed it! I uh, also left my laptop and The Secret Garden there. *furtive glance* I was tired and just wanted to leave. ^^;; Mum picked them up from my second-oldest cousin’s husband today though.

Today I just watched my Monk season 3 DVDs (Mr. Monk and the Blackout, I couldn’t remember who the suspect was ¬.¬) and read volume 7 of Gokinjo Monogatari. Wahh, it’s over! But I really liked the extra chapter! Miwako!! XDDD Although I think I might like Mikako more than Miwako now. >.> Probably just because Mikako was the main character and you could go into her character more, as opposed to Miwako who was just a side character and didn’t get much development compared to Mikako or Yukari. :(

tv viewing

So yesterday night, at 10, I watched Dead Like Me. :D It was a saddish episode though. :( She cried ’cause she can’t have her life back. I don’t know if Monk was new or not. >.> I had to take a bath anyway. And I also missed The Dead Zone on Sunday. >.< Dangit! I forgot alll about it. Seriously, I looked at the time and it was about 10:30 and I had no thoughts about it. Urg.

nothing left to say

Okay. New layout! Ehehe. I got it from the cover of The China Garden by Liz Berry. Copyrights and stuff under credits. ^^;; Anyway … I’m not sure the lyrics fit the image (they’re, uhh … The Corrs’ “Give It All Up”) but I couldn’t find anything better … in other words I searched for a few minutes and got lazy. XP Oh well.

Other layout got boring. Even with the wraparound text it’s still image here, text to the side. And this layout is the same, just reversed, but it’s still new, so it’ll stay up for, oh, say a couple of days. :b But I still like the other layout … Mikako … and pnik :b … and Ai Yazawa … but the coding/placement got boring. So yeah.

On Tuesday night Mommy got me to watch Dead Like Me. :D Funny show. Not just funny. It’s interesting. It’s not … plain humor. I like the actor who plays George. Or is it Georgia? *didn’t pay much attention* Whyyyy did they put it on at 11 at night?! And then … the regular airtime from now on is Fridays at TEN. ;_; That’s Monk time!!! *wails* Unfaaair!

don’t you start

Hidek was downstairs watching TV (I figured out afterwards it’s because Daddy was doing something on our compi), and reading the 5th Potter book. So first he was watching this thing on G4 about some gaming convention … I forget what it was called … maybe it was E3 … they were showing people going in, Brittany Murphy, the three people from Charmed … yeah, that’s all I saw.

At 9:30 he watched South Park. I dunno what episode it was. But I heard the themesong. :) So then at 10:30 he was watching x-Men Evolution, and because I had to clean up Shadow’s barf, I instead sat down and started watching. XP;

They showed a commercial for Inu Yasha. I wish I could see that. The reason I can’t is because … I don’t seem to have the patience to sit and watch TV lately. Even last Friday, when Mickey and Daddy (both at separate times :b) told me there was a new episode of Monk on, I was still debating at ten whether I would watch it. But I watched it. ^___^

“You just mixed the decaf with the caffeine.”
“But they’re even.”
“But they’re mixed together.”
“But they’re even.”
“But … they’re mixed together.”
“But … …. they’re even.”


Oh yeah. Earlier this week Eight Men Out was on IFC again. Half an hour into it. I didn’t watch it. And I just realized I haven’t been watching .hack//SIGN lately. O_< I think I’ve seen 5 or 6 episodes total … *sigh* And like I said, earlier today I wanted to watch movies all day long. But now I’m back to my impatient-with-tv mood.

Oh well. I also put up the fanlisting for The Cardigans’ fourth album, [Gran Turismo (link to fl)]. w00t! XD But I didn’t get the fanlisting for Long Gone Before Daylight. WAHHHH!!!! *anime face with rivers of tears flowing out* And I’m trying to get myself to build other fanlistings I have in mind. All of them which will probably not be popular and therefore not get many, if any (… I have no idea how else to say that O.o), people joining.

Last thing: UGH. I don’t know if I’m the only one who applied to The Cardigans fanlisting (hopefully not; hopefully they’re more popular than that), or if my application didn’t go through, or … WHAT. But UGH. Why she no update? T-T And a lot of other fanlistings that don’t seem to update … ¬_¬ But mainly the Cardigans one, because I WANTED THAT FANLISTING!! *sighs* Oh well. Really. I wouldn’t mind not getting it, if only she’d UPDATE! >.> *hopes she doesn’t get in trouble for anything she said* <.< *scurries off*

tv; BDC Nina; playing cards

Mommy showed me something in a newspaper, an article on Monk. I have no idea when that show is on. ;-; I haven’t really been watching tv … well not regularly. Sometimes I turn on the tv and see what’s on some channels I like. I don’t watch any regularly scheduled programming. Sometimes I watch .hack//SIGN. When I can remember. When I don’t think I’ll wake up Mommy and Daddy too much. Sometimes I watch Simpsons/King of the Hill during dinner. But that’s it.

Anyway. At the end of Boys Don’t Cry, they started playing a song, and I froze, and thought, ‘Is it really?’ Then she started singing, “The lonesome texas sun was setting low, and in the rearview-mirror I watched it go.” And I was like w00t! Nina Persson! XDD And during the credits I got another shock. Nathan Larsson performed another song in the movie. o.o (You know, I don’t even know what he looks like. I just know he sang What the Hell Are You Crying For? with Nina Persson, and is married to Nina Persson, and was a part of some band that Nina Persson recorded one weeeird song with.)

I was fooling around with my California Angels (playing) cards and I suddenly remembered seeing someone cut the deck in one hand. I mean … they held the deck aloft between their thumb and ring/middle/index finger (I think the pinky was used for balance), then one side of half the deck would fall … and somehow the two sections would get flipped so the deck was cut.

Arrrgh, I can’t remember how it worked. What I remember, though, is spending hours trying to mimic those moves. :b I taught Tadash how dealers at Las Vegas shuffle decks. Even though I myself can’t. >.> I can shuffle cards in midair. Although there’s really no point because everyone can see the cards. ^^;;; And that’s all I can do, really … a pointless feat.

I want a nice deck of cards. The best I have is my California Angels deck. But that’s rather … floppy. Thin paper. But thicker than all my anime decks. The next best deck I have is a Nabisco freebie thing. But those’re too big and slippery. And kinda stiff. ^^;; I’m never satisfied, am I? I’d say my deck from Japan is the best. But noooo, ’tis so nice and prettyful, I can’t ruin that … oh well. After that is this deck from Sequoia. But that doesn’t have a box or anything. :/ Oh well.

Oh yeah. I can shuffle a deck 12 times in one minute. That’s my record. Usually it’s 11 times. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, though, because no one else ever timed how fast they could shuffle. ^.^;; Oh well. Now to find something else to do.