should become castaway

“And sometimes this Blog is just a diary, or a reminder. You forget the things you were certain you would always remember, especially the tiny things, and all too often they’re the things that matter.”
Neil Gaiman, December 1, 2006

I know he said that in reference to his daughter, but dang I still love how he writes.

My teacher said in class: she’s lived in Michigan, where it snows, and when she was moving to California she thought, oh yay, the sun is always out! But it’s so cold here! Not outside, but inside. Her husband said “we have to go get sweaters!”

Hah, yeah, no one heats (public) buildings around here. >_> My mom’s even got the thermostat at home down to 66° since last winter. I never even gave that a second thought. Do other places heat to a comfortable level during the winter?

Yesterday I forgot to turn off the heater (we don’t have a thermostat) in the morning, so it was on pretty high all day until I got home at 5:30. Hidek and his friend had the windows open since they don’t know how to work the heater. -.- So I don’t have the heater on now, and I’m wearing a tank top, shirt, thermal top, sweatshirt, leggings, and sweatpants. Still a little cold though.

Wednesday night it was really cold. I think it went down to 42° while we were checking the weather. Thursday morning there was ice on my car! Only the rear window, but still! This one site Hidek’s friend checked said that average and record temperatures in SLO are more extreme than temperatures in Berkeley/Davis. O_o I understand the highs; they’re more north, so naturally it’s cooler. But the lows! How in the world can we get colder than the Bay area??? They get fog! It rains often there! We’re in what’s called the Gold Coast. (I think it’s a just marketing/tourist gimmick though.)

Last night I stayed up til 1:30 am working on my blog. XD; Moved the last of the pMachine entries to WordPress. No more pMachine floating around uselessly on my domain anymore, woohoo! Installed plugins for tags and weighted tags and for weighted categories. So now you’ll see those around.

watch it come up

Yay! No more Greymatter! ^_^ Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just got tired of all the cgi files and stuff. Now I’m using pMachine. If I paid for it, it could make more blogs, but I don’t wanna pay for it. *cheap* So only one blog.

I think everything’s good right now. Except flimsysilence-dot-net won’t go directly to “index.php” :( And I don’t want to use a splash page. Yughies. Also the GM archives aren’t up yet. And the entry/archives pages aren’t fixed up, so they’ve got the default pM layout. Um. I think that’s it. Now I’m being lazy because I just fixed up the look of the entries on the main page. ^_^; So yeah.

I don’t really have anything else to do at the moment. Except for maybe worry about my grades. I don’t want to do that. I could read Battle Royale. But I’m not really in a reading mood. I don’t know what I could do …

*dies satisfied*

New layout. Purple. Yukari (from Paradise Kiss :b). Lots and lots of … mixed up coding. Mm. It took me the whole day to get this layout up. ^^; Actually, I worked on it yesterday, too. Yesterday I made most of the layout. Finished editing the image today, making little changes and stuff. I spent maybe 2–2.5 hours yesterday on it. Today I did the coding. That took me the whole day. And this is without slicing the image. Can you imagine how much later I’d be up if I’d sliced it? ^^;;; I don’t want to think about it.

Maybe 5–6 hours coding? ^^;; Yeah … Hopefully I won’t get too annoyed by this layout very soon. >.> ‘Cause even right now I see things that irk me. ._.; Auuugh … Can’t be good enough, can I? :b Hmm … oh well.

I noticed myself not minding rock music as much as I used to. It’s good, because I don’t get annoyed. But it’s bad, because … even though I’m starting to like harsher stuff, I still know it’s not that good, music-wise.

Auugh … lately I’ve been wishing I could be perfectly happy with Savage Garden and The Corrs and Lisa Loeb. Lisa Loeb used to be one of my faves. And for so long, too. ;-; Now I notice she’s a bit too soft for me. But I still like her first two albums. It’s like, first album, most liked, last album, least liked, second album, in between.

Well anyway. The point of all that is … I like my Chevelle album now. ^.^; When I first got it I thought, ‘yuck, this is no good.’ But then I thought, ‘I’ll get used to it.’ Just like I’ve gotten used to a lot of other music I bought but didn’t like much at first. And … now I have gotten used to it. The songs I like the most are Send The Pain Below, Closure, The Red, and One Lonely Visitor. ^_^

Oh. Here’s another thing I wanted to say. I’m looking into pMachine. ^^;; I don’t know what the requirements are for running it, I can’t seem to find anything about that on the site. I think it uses something I don’t have on But I’m still tired of GM, and don’t have much of anything else to do … *hides huge to-do list behind her back* … so I’m looking into it. ^_^’ (Looking into it as in … downloading and looking at the files and attempting to upload it on

Ah! The title of this layout … I forget who sings the song. I forget what the song’s called. But I keep seeing the music video (not as often as Bring Me to Life, though, grrr) and I think it’s weird (in a good way) and I’m starting to enjoy the song (actually, I enjoy the song pretty well by now :b), and I can’t think of any other lyrics that would fit the layout, so there ya go.