2005 book list

Wheee, I remembered to update. :P Here’s a list of all the books I managed to read in 2005 (plus a few from 2004 >.>). (List started January 22, 2005.) I was trying to read 100 books in one year. I didn’t read that many, just half (including the few from 2004 ^^;). Another goal I’d like to accomplish in life is to read 100 books in one year! (Even though that would amount to reading one book every 3.65 days. …Unless I did it in a leap year, then it’d be 3.66 days…)

It’s kind of weird. I look over the list, and I think, Wow, I read that book then? It seems like so long ago… Like The Handmaid’s Tale or The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I want to reread Ender’s Shadow again. XD (Even though I already have about a half dozen books on my to-read list, not including class required reading. *ack*)

Also, wow, I’m gone for only one week and WordPress is updated. Hmmm, maybe I should leave other things alone and maybe they’ll get updated too… (Note to self, upgrade WordPress after backing up current state.)

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ima, watashi wa … nasshingu.

I feel BLAH. So. Yeah. I’m kinda in that mood where I’m annoyed ’cause my old entries all show the same date. ¬_¬ I mean, I know it was like that. I’ve known since … I dunno … maybe after I converted to shtml. ^^; Now whenever I rebuild my entry files the date changes to that date. Soo … I last rebuilt my entry pages in October. Yeah. I knew about the problem before then. And for some reason it annoys me right now.

Oh well. Endore sent me an e-mail that I read today saying they’re deleting all files on the servers that are named “formmail.whatever” ’cause of spambots. ¬¬ So now I have to install Formmail on my own (and name the script something other than formmail). But I dun wanna. And I don’t want to install PHPFanbase for each fanlisting, ’cause then I’d have to add each and every single member to the list. x_X Unless I felt like being buggy and saying, “You. Rejoin the fanlisting because I’m too lazy to add you.”

Instead of doing any of those things I spent maybe 15–30 minutes writing a note explaining I won’t update until after the 15th (last day I have finals), and linking to that page from every formmail join page I have. (Only my Lisa Loeb and Miwako fanlistings are run by PHPFanbase.)

Uh. Stuck for what else to say. I got The Ring manga. ^^; It has an eye on the cover. And it’s staring at me right now. O.o Scaary.

You know … I would get a Borders card … and I found out today how to get there. ^^ (It’s like … go to Westside Pavilion … then drive past it until you get to … a street that starts with the letter R. Then turn right.) But then it’s muuch farther than I want to drive to a so-called local bookstore.

And I might get a Barnes and Noble card. But for some reason I just don’t go there often. Even though it’s about half the distance of Borders. It’s also less than half the manga selection that Borders has. :b Ooh, burned!

At Borders I was looking at Neil Gaiman books (veeery tiny selection o_o and absolutely no Neverwhere books XP), Robert A. Heinlein books (whoa, he wrote a lot o.o saw a few books I wanna read later ^^), manga (o’ course), aand … Sandman books! (Of course! :b)

I saw these old versions of Preludes & Nocturnes. o_o That was weird. What, do all the Borders customers already have the first Sandman collection? XD Then I stared at the 7, 9, and 10 they had. They also had lots of Sandman: King of Dreams. ^_^ Oh yeah, I saw that Sandman: Book of Dreams. -.- (Bad story behind the production.) And they had The Sandman Companion. o_o I wanted! I was gonna get it. But then I didn’t have enough money. ;_; Even without it, I had to borrow $11.84 from Mommy. They also had The Last Temptation. Wow. Cheap comic. ^_^;; Black and white (or yellow, considering they used newspaper quality paper *rolleyes*).

here there’s only air

I finished The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress!! XD Cooool ending. Except … *whacks* It’s so unfair!! (I hope no one who’s reading this is planning to read TMIAHM.) SPOILERS: … Mike died! ;-; It’s all so saddening … *sniffs* Oh yeah, Prof died too, but still, he died two times before that, so you get used to the idea. ^^;; But Mike isn’t supposed to die!! Wahhhh!!

… Moving on.

Yesterday I found neilgaiman.net. ^^;;;;; Baaaad. *stares* *stares more* *looks at almost empty wallet* *stares longingly at Death and Dream merchandise* There’s an Endless poster, a poster of Morpheus “capturing the gothic, baroque, moddly lonesome, and grand qualities of the Sandman” (:b~ yeah that is so me), these two statues of Death and Dream that are $195 each, a Death notebook (which I would not write in, so sue me), and a Death wallscroll. *.* Need wallscroll. Neeed. ^^. Coool stuff. *sniffles* I really want.

Also, yesterday, ’cause I was in the looking-for-stuff-I-want-but-can’t-buy mood, I was looking at Amazon.com’s recommendations for me. ^^ I added The Sandman: Endless Nights to my wishlist, and Sandman: King of Dreams, a book about the comic series. ^^;; And no, this is nowhere near obsession. :b

But anyway. Since I was on Amazon I saw that boot on top of the page and remembered my quest for my perfect pair of boots, and went looking through Hot Topic at their boots. ^_^;

stupid arguments, books, and parking

(Everyone knows I don’t treat the subect titles seriously, right? Good.)

This is how tired I am. I read “Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid …” as stupid argument. o_o Oh well. I dunno what’s wrong. ^^;; And I’m too lazy to contact support.I was getting bored with it anyway. Ahaha. I got rid of the table border lines, and I have no idea how. o_o Couldn’t figure out how to make them come back, either. ¬_¬

Guess what guess what! I’m about 40 pages from finishing TMIAHM!! XD I don’t fully understand why it won a Hugo award, though. I like his Time Enough for Love better. A little bit better. Not that much.

I also started reading The F***-Up (no the title is not really censored), which I bought two Fridays ago. On Saturday I also started and completed For All Time. :b I’d been waiting the loongest time to read that. And I think it’s a less than stellar ending. :( Oh well. Then I read Death: At Death’s Door. ^^; Why did I start those three titles? Hm. Because of another title. Namely, Art History, volume I 2nd edition. x_X

Anyway. Back to TFU. I forget when I’d heard about it before. Maybe two or three years before. But uh … yeah. I just saw it sitting at Waldenbooks in the manga section, and since I didn’t see anything else I wanted, I bought it. ^_^; I like the beginning. I’ve read only two or four pages, and it’s rather interesting. But I put it down to try and force myself to read art history. Picked up For All Time instead. :b

Today … when we got to the car after classes, this car was parked on the driver’s side … waaay over the line. Another two inches or so and it could have whacked off the side mirror. I asked Noelle, “How am I supposed to get in there?” and this girl in the parking lot said, “I was thinking that just a second ago.” Ahaha. But you know, I really don’t have a right to be mad since I’m not a good parker either. ^^;; Then again, I never leave my car when it’s sitting on (or OVER) the line or if it’ll be hard for the car next to me to get in or out. Urgh.

for 27 years I’ve been trying

Okay, so what did I do this week? Since I made layouts and stuff last week to fill my time … this week I wasn’t on Portibale much. ^^; Well, okay, I read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress quite a bit. I was halfway through on Monday, and now I’m about 100 pages from the end (it’s 382 pages long, 8″×5″ approx., and reads like this: Mum took her in arms, kissed cheek, said, “So glad you could come!” pretty much o_o). I also saw a few new music videos (Dashboard Confessional! XD) and got strangely attached to Degrassi: Next Generation. *shudders* Lauren Collins is in it. I liked her better in In a Heartbeat. :b Hey, what happened to Christopher Ralph, anyway? (I forgot about him, ever since Everwood started. o_O)

Anyway. Tonight I finally got this Invision Board installed. (For some reason last Sunday I downloaded version 1.12 instead of 1.2. o.O) It looks ooglay. And boring. But oh well. It’s there. I’ll fix it later. I also have no idea what to call it. ^_^;;;; Um. It’s at [inangeling-dot-net (linked to xox-dot-inangeling-dot-net)]. (I would have put it on the domain that’s “easier to spell” :b~ but fs.net doesn’t have MySql. Yet, anyway, I’m still debating that.) Umm, I made it ’cause I want a board to post at and SSH is … not there. ;-; So, there ya go.

And this past week … I’ve had lots of Dashboard Confessional songs running through my head. Fun! My own personal stereo XDDD I haven’t even been listening to it all that much. o_o Maybe just a couple times … really weird. Or maybe … really nifty. XD

Oh yeah, yesterday and Monday and maybe another day too I worked on junk pages for Elsewhere (and I haven’t thought one bit about the split), and … I thought I worked on another site. Oh yeah … Lyrically Longing. Must upload those pages now. ^_^;

Cardigans! XD “I never felt by heart that I could behave the way the roles were made.” Okay I’m done.