zippy laptop

Yay! I have a fresh install of XP on my laptop! XD It starts up so fast! But I still have to install all my programs again…

Firefox (2 still, don’t quite like 3) starts up really fast too! :D Still have to import my bookmarks, and work on my preferences (allow or deny cookies for sites as I go around).

I’ve gone from 5.5 gigs hard drive space free to 25 gigs free! Tomorrow I’ll have to move all my files back on here. Hoping I have enough space to upload most of my music. *crosses fingers*

I finished reorganizing my closet today too. (Well, finished installing new shelving and finalized where I put everything.) What a productive day! It just zipped by! Like my laptop! Ohoho!

nearly impossible

Darn, I keep running out of time to write here. Mrr. Maybe I should watch less Clean House every day … ? *gasp* Nevar!

Oh well. Notes to self: gas, facial regime, reviews.

Just to make this more of an entry, and less of … something junky that I’ll want to delete in a few months …

After about half a year (more?) of regularly watching Clean House on weekdays, I’ve decided to “take a big girl pill” and am getting rid of two childhood dolls! The reason I was keeping them was because … they were from my childhood.

Well, the pink doll I kept because I found while viewing a home video that I got it for my first Christmas. (Still having reservations about getting rid of it, but I have to look at it when I get home.) The purple doll I kept because I thought Mum told me one of my aunts bought it specially for me, and it was handmade. I had to rethink that when I saw a JCPenney tag printed on it. (JCPenney didn’t print tags on socks, right? This doll was made from sock-ish material.)

Now that summer’s here (or at least a week or two for me, then it’s work for the rest of the summer), I’ve got free time for my annual cleaning out and reorganizing of my closet, and I will more mercilessly look at the things I’m keeping and try to free up some dearly needed space.

Then my room can show off how I am now becoming an adult! (Another line from the show, excuse me, I have Clean House fever…)

grar not enough space

I’m currently drawing up plans for a shelf that I want to put at the foot of my bed. It’s so frustrating!

I’m trying to figure out how much space I want to give to the CD/DVD area, and how much space I want to give the talls books (i.e. my comic books [graphic novels?], Neil Gaiman-related books, and art books). But it really seems like I only have space on the shelf for one or the other, not both! If I want to keep space for both, it means I’ll have to divide collections. CDs on the shelf as well as on the CD racks where they are now; DVDs on the shelf and on the small bookcase (some) are on (… a lot are currently sitting on my desk beside me >_>); talls books split between the shelf and the big bookcase.

It sounds like a good idea, but I don’t like it! Collections … must … be … together! (Well except for CDs; they can be split since that’s what I’d already planned…too many CDs. *_*)

Grr, arrgh. Back to square one. Maybe I should consider a second/third shelf on top. Would that look odd? (I have a roughly 18″ tall, 39″ wide shelf divided vertically, then the right section divided horizontally, giving three areas to shelve things.)

Hmm, gotta think.

bury it

I don’t know what to say. I’m not really playing video games. The one I’m playing the most is The New Tetris, and I play that one about twice a week. I haven’t played OoT since … the last time I played, I dunno when that was, but I got about halfway through the forest temple. I’ve played Link to the Past twice since classes ended. I got through part of the second place … the place where I get the power glove. But then I kept getting hit and I lost the fairy I spent so much time looking for. >_> So I stopped playing.

I kinda sorta finished cleaning out my closet. I should really find another place to put my Barbies so I could put a box where they are, then I could move more stuff to the storage area above, and have more space for clothes.

I don’t have any other place for my Barbies though. I think Auntie G keeps her in the garage. ^^;; We don’t have any space in the garage. Mum just spent the longest time cleaning it out, and it’s still a tight fit. I guess it doesn’t help that one car in there is a van and the other is a car bigger than mine.

I think I want to sell my Dodgers Barbie. I don’t like the Dodgers that much. But I keep thinking, ‘Don’t make money! Give it away!’ Then I think, ‘But who would want to buy a collectible Dodgers Barbie from the Dorothy Brown School?’ Or wherever we donate stuff … I dunno. ^^;;

I want to get rid of some of my manga too. I don’t really feel like giving it away, ’cause I don’t know who really would want to read it, but then I feel bad making money off it when … I don’t know.

I owe Daddy $15 for the hosting I bought. Which really really seems to be down more often than Endore (when they were good), and Endore only guaranteed 99.5% uptime. But then again, I paid $100 for Endore. ^^;; Then $50. I also owe Mum $32. Plus a portion of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, for Daddy for Father’s Day. Then I need to save up $200 more dollars to deposit in my bank account. Then I can start spending again.

I really need a new CD player.

Roast of teh Weenies

I kind of want to go to KROQ’s Weenie Roast. >_> They’ve got The Strokes, Bad Religion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Velvet Revolver, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Modest Mouse, and The Killers. ^_^ Yeah. But I’m not really the concerty type of person. :b If that wasn’t obvious. I dunno.

Launch isn’t working for me at the moment. :( Maybe ’cause I’m uploading my GM archives. ^^; Very slowly. ‘Cause the connection keeps timing out after a while. Ah well. I’m up to entry 125 of 236. Yup.

Guess what I downloaded! Amy Lee’s appearances on Cartoon Network! XP She said she had a bit of stage fright ’cause it’s hard being cute. Ahaha. And she had pigtails. Why is it she has fuller hair than I do, but her pigtails look less bushy than mine? Maybe ’cause she doesn’t brush them all out nicely like mine … >.> Dunno. But still. Eeee! I like non-goth Amy! XP She’s so cool.

Ooh. Last night I watched The Five Senses on IFC. It was weird. And I’m thinking it got only two stars because it was a rather slow movie. *nodnod* But I still liked it. Nice movie to stay up late watching on a random weekday. :P And the name of the little girl that got lost was Amy Lee! XD Her full name was Amy Lee Miller. I wanna name a girl Amy Lee … I’ve been thinking lately, ‘I’d like to name a kid such and such.’ Hehe. I was thinking of Nina as a name, too. What’s next, Natalie? :b~

I want to go on a poster shopping spree on the Anime Castle website. But I keep thinking about the Chobits poster they never sent ’cause it was backordered more than a month before Christmas. >_> And it cost over $11 too! It was a clear poster … and I don’t see it in their store now … I don’t even really remember what it looked like … meh. Just wasn’t meant to be. But still. $11! Mum gave me back my money, ’cause she was too lazy to ask them for the poster or a refund. She said it’s only money. But I’m not thinking of the money. I’m thinking, I paid, expecting something! And I want something! I don’t want a refund! Er. Maybe I do. Oh well.

I want to buy … an Angel Sanctuary poster … an Inu Yasha poster … and one or two Totoro posters … I guess it isn’t really a spree. Eheh. Oh well. I took down my $25 Queen Amidala poster and my Sakura Wars oav poster. I got tired of them. I moved my Snoopy poster in their place, and moved the other posters around … but now I have lots of pink wall above my desk. o.o So I want more posters. >b Well actually, I also want to replace my two Pokemon posters and my Gundam Wing poster above my bed. Actually, one Pokemon poster is there so my head won’t dirty the wall. ^^;; It’s got a tear in one side of it … :x

Mum said she’d try to cut my hair like Yukari’s! Yay. But then she threw in, “You’ll have all summer to grow it out,” so I’m afraid. Haha.

I rented The Last Emperor to get pictures of that lady’s haircut. ^.^; Yeah, I got two images, and I lightened them so they’re easier to see (and it was weird, ’cause I usually darken images :B). Except they’re on Hidek’s computer still, and he’s not on. >_> So I can’t get them. ;_;