use the spork, Luke

I live in a family of dorks, muahahaha.

Last week I went with Mum to the market and I bought a box of Honey Smacks. I didn’t notice when I grabbed it that they were giving something away inside (although Mace Windu posing on the box should have been a big clue), but they were. A “light-up saberSPOON.”

Next morning Mum told me about the spoony goodness. She said when Daddy saw the box he opened it up, took out the spoon and assembled it together. Then she said she wanted to show it to me, but she couldn’t find it, so maybe Daddy took it with him. I said, “Did Daddy take it to school to show his frieeends?”

So when he came home I asked him if he took it to work and he said yeah. I said, “Did you show it to everyone?” “Not everyone, but I showed some people.”

My dad is over 50. He works on computers. And he shows up to work with a “saberspoon” that lights up. *grin*

Then Mum made a comment about how it should have been a fork, not a spoon (Simpsons reference…), and that maybe we should cut it up to make it into a fork. But, my brother took that idea and … see for yourself. [He cut notches out of the end of the spoon, turning it into a spork.]

I love my family.

(Also, false advertising!! It doesn’t light up all the way!)


I’m sitting here slowly getting more and more tense because my hair is wet and I haven’t brushed my hair yet and I know it’s going to be all puffy fluffy if I don’t … but I don’t want to go downstairs to use my brush.

Anyway. FMC is having a 13 Nights of Fright leading up to Halloween, which Neil Gaiman is hosting. ;.; We don’t get FMC. Nor do I really want it … but Neil Gaiman! *sniffles*

IE doesn’t like Y! Launch. It keeps freezing whenever I try to refresh the top 100 list. I keep trying to refresh it because it’s showing me an old cached version. Why is it cached? I have no clue. I cleared everything out and set the options as low as they’ll go but it still does that.

Interrupted because Hidek went back on his comp. 11:08 now. It took my laptop about 50 minutes to connect. Even though at the time I didn’t see any connection. Also, it took my laptop maybe 45 minutes to actually startup. My laptop doesn’t like starting up anymore. It takes about … 1–5 minutes for it to respond to a command. Then another 5 minutes maybe to go on standby. Then ten seconds to go off standby and play nicely. Daddy says I have too much going on at startup but I checked and there’s nothing new since the last time I turned stuff off. :b Ah well.

Hey, I remember. At 9:30 I took my laptop and tried to connect it through the cable but it wouldn’t take and I was getting really annoyed because my laptop used to be able to connect that way but it doesn’t now. Oh yeah. I turned it on around 8:10 and gave it to Daddy to look at at 9:00 but he didn’t because he was paying bills so at 9:30 I took it back. And my “wireless network connection status” says I’ve been connected since before 9.

Sugar dootdootdootdootdoot honey honey you are my girl dootdootdootdootdoot

Homer no!

Seagulls always stay near land. They only go out to sea to die.

I’ll be in charge of ration. See, the secret, boy, is to take tiny little bites like so.

Why couldn’t I be on one of the smart rafts? I bet they’re having the time of their lives.

Who in the world planned that father-son raft trip, anyway?

Tadash fell out of his raft. He said they were level 2 rapids. O.o

My brain is going baibai.

A real swiss army knife, cool! I stole it from that somethingsomething guy.

Classic Simpsony goodness. Yeah.

11:43 I guess I forgot about this again. :b So long.

the last day

^_^;;; Okay, I upload a new layout and don’t make a new entry for over 24 hours afterwards. @_@

Well anyway. The girl is some model from Seventeen. ^^;; I forget which issue. But I just liked that picture … I saw this ad in the last issue (not this issue) that I liked, and I scanned it in. ^^; Dunno what I’m gonna use it for, though.

I said it’d be an EGL layout, but I couldn’t really find any EGL pictures that were good enough for me, or that I wanted to work with, or that fitted with my mood (the lyrics I wanted to plaster all over the layout).

Oh yeah! The lyrics on this layout are Lesley Gore. :D I’ve heard … maybe 5 songs of hers. And I’m not sure if she’s 60s (probably is, girl groups era and all), or if that girl in the scan is 60s, or what. But anyway. In the album sleeve in Girl Group Greats, it says her (Lesley Gore’s) attraction was this spoiled rich girl. Ehehe.

*puts a tape in the car stereo* “SUNshine, lolli-POPS and—RAINbows, everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together!” XD One time, after Mommy heard that on the Simpsons, she pulled out her Lesley Gore vinyl album to play the entire song for us. o.o That was a long time ago … when the stereo was still by the china cabinet. It was fun. ^_^ And funNEE. XD

everything I say is a lie

Hm. (I have to stop starting entries with that …) I just remembered this Word document I have, where I put all the lyrics I have songs to, or lyrics that I like, and last time I checked it was 325 pages … yeah, and I think by now my collection has about doubled, but I haven’t been adding lyrics to the document, they’ve just been going straight on my lyrics site. ^^;; I like the Word document because, if I were to ever want a lyric with a specific word in it … I’d just have to use Ctrl+F. :) Nifty, yo. But … meh. Lazy. I still have to update my lyrics site. o_O I’m trying to add credits to the lyrics, and I got up to The Cardigans and got scared. (I have six pages of lyrics for them. *nodnod*) So … yeah.

Watched Count of Monte Cristo. :D But the book is better many times over, definitely. (In the audio commentary: “If we followed the book perfectly, the film would be 35 or 40 hours long.” XD) Mommy and I watched Count of Monte Cristo from 7 to 10:30, then watched the extra stuff, then watched Dead Like Me (blue books … scary o_O), then I watched random tv (Simpsons – Bart: “Are you gonna eat that whole thing?” Homer: “Pinchy would have wanted it that way. *sob*”).

Then I remembered I left my laptop on. … Yeah. O.o;;; Getting off now, though …

Simpson-y goodness

I watched SIMPSONS! Yeah! XD It was the episode with the Venus de Milo gummy and the “Homer Bad Man” and the harrassment and the Rock Bottom and the … Simpson-y goodness.

Bart and Lisa: *hugs tv* Homer: Are you kids hugging the tv?! Bart and Lisa: No! *kisses tv* :b [end of episode:] Homer: Let’s never fight again. *hugs tv*