The homebase of me, Jeidai, on the web. My social media accounts link to this site, and here I link out to (most) all my presence online. I’ve written online since my first post on Diaryland in June 2001. This blog is a cleaned up amalgamation of my posts there, posts from Livejournal, and posts on my self-hosted blog since August 2002.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog has changed many times over the course of its existence. Currently, as of 2021, it’s a place for me to write any thoughts that are sitting in my brain, partly as a place to share my opinions or experiences, partly as a way to keep the writing side of my brain in shape. My current blogging schedule is whenever I feel like it.


Pronounced somewhere in between rhyming with red-eye and sounding like jade-eye. Or either works.

I go by Jeidai online, for my own privacy. In all facets of my life my pronouns are she/her. I am Japanese American, an Angeleno from the day I was born.