running from the problem (pollution)

“Beijing issues pollution warning as skies turn yellow”

BEIJING (AFP) – People in Beijing were warned to stay indoors as the Chinese capital was shrouded in yellow smog with pollution reaching dangerous levels.

I never really believed it before … but I guess Earth really will become so polluted that we’ll have to stay indoors all the time. And we’ll live in domed cities. Like THE BIG O!!1

One more thing. Yellow? Euwww.


I want to buy something from each of those sites, The Hunger Site, the Rainforest Site, the Breast Cancer Site, the Child Health Site, and the Animal Rescue Site. But I don’t have that much money. Actually, it doesn’t really matter how much cash I have, ’cause it’d all be coming out of my bank account (except if I spend too much from there I have to put money back in), but then I’d have to use Daddy’s credit card, and there’re too many charges on that card right now, so I can’t really use it for too much.

I was wondering, also, if a form letter sent to support some cause works at all. I mean … yeah, it helps in that it lets whomever I’m sending it to aware that I support this cause, but then … I don’t know, maybe it helps a little less because, after they get so many, they know it’s just a form letter, and people didn’t care enough to write their own letter? I dunno, I just had that weird thought. ^^; was linking to this thing where you fill out your name and address and they send a letter to … whomever (senate person or congress person, I think), about … I forget what it was. Oh, allowed annual mercury levels from factories, or something. I really wanted to do it, ’cause they said in the privacy statement they would use my information only in the letter, and save it for later purposes, but they wouldn’t give the info out or anything. And it’s better than the online petitions that say they’d give out info to … partner sites, or something. Daddy won’t let me sign those. :(

PETA “eat the whales”

I was looking for something through a search engine and I got a lot of sites, none with the exact phrase I was looking for. One of them was Eat the Whales. I’ve never heard of PETA before (or at least I don’t remember hearing of them) so I guess it’s not too shocking, but still, to think that anyone would do that! Seriously, their only pro is that “we could spare more than 24 billion animals a miserable life and hideous death every single year!” Well no duh. one whale = 1200 pigs. O.o If we all started eating cows instead of pigs and chickens and fish even, there’d be less deaths. But that’s obvious! There’s more meat per cow than a fish or pig! These people must know how hard it is to keep the whales off the endangered list!

*mutters* bakas. Why don’t they try and stop those weird things at county fairs or whatever, catching greased pigs and hogtying. Isn’t that slightly torturous? Ooh, I forgot one thing! They’re not Christian, so of course they don’t understand that God gave us the animals for our own (heavily moderated) use. They think we should leave animals alone …