baibai Expedition

No more Expedition!! *sniffle* We got rid of it yesterday, and bought a Chrysler Town & Country. ^.^ From SUV to minivan, seems strange to me.

I still don’t like minivans much. It’s all cramped and stuffilies … even though this one is as wide as the Expedition and only 8 or so inches shorter. It’s the chairs I tell ya! The headrests give me the feeling I’m going to hit my teeth on them if I lean forward. ^_^;;

I don’t like the headrests in this car, they lean forward too much, and it hurts my neck. Especially since when I try to sleep my head rolls forward. urgh.

Buuuuut … I like the mileage, and the fuel tank capacity. ^u^ It makes much more sense. And the payments on this car dropped about $50/month or so … so it’s all good. I’ll just have to adjust … >.<

People in America like captain’s chairs. Having a split bench in the front brought down the price of the Expedition. I think that’s stupid. The middle seat is a ninth seat, and it’s a nicer place to put things than on the floor. *shrugs* People are weiiiiiird.

Ooh yeah, we bought the car from CarMax, $7,000 cheaper than the MSRP, or whatever. That’s so cool!

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