Tuxedo Goggles mysteriously disappeared

O.o One of our fish disappeared. There’s absolutely no trace of him, no bones, no tail fragments >.< nothing. I thought that maybe Mommy lost him when she was cleaning out the tank ^.^ but she said it’s hard to miscount six fish. So she went digging around in the tank (while I was still eating dinner! gaggag) with the fly swatter. The handle! The handle! Not the swatting part! She didn’t find anything.

She said, maybe one of the cats ate him, but that she didn’t leave the top open very often, and I said there would have been water all over, and I hadn’t seen the cats up there lately. Only Wulfie goes up there, so Mommy asked, “Do you think that’s why Wulfie got sick?” “Umm, no…” “Yeah, he can’t get sick from those fish.” And we went around feeling saddish.

It’s a very disgusting thought, cats eating our fish. *gaggag* Later she thought maybe he just up and died and the other fish ate him. That would make a lot of sense.

The really strange thing is we didn’t notice, and Mommy remembered not seeing him for a long time. O.o We are so out of it…

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