*rant* stupid mouse, comp troubles

Last night I had trouble turning the computer off. I tried to shut down, it had that “something is busy, waiting for something, do you want to wait, or continue shutting down” kind of message. I clicked wait, and of course it didn’t work. I clicked cancel, then tried again but I went through the same thing, then tried CTRL ALT Del to close whatever was waiting for a response, but then the computer froze, and unfroze, and I couldn’t even shut down through the start menu or C+A+D. So I just pushed the start button on the compi because I was tired. ¬¬

Now the mouse doesn’t work. The scroll wheel isn’t recognized. I looked through Control Panel, and the compi doesn’t even recognize the option of a mouse with a scroll wheel. And it keeps tripping me up. I use the wheel and get no response, then remember, ‘Oh yeah, it doesn’t work’ so I click on the window then try the wheel again. ^_^; Then I move the mouse to grab the scrollbar and get really annoyed.

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