Simpsons Road Rage

I played Simpsons Road Rage todayayayayay. ^u^ I used Homer (both cars) (I got my second highest record using the car made for Homer), Marge (gah! slow!!), Bart (¬_¬ I don’t want to talk about it), Grandpa (I worked on my imitation. :b “My teeth fell out!”), Flanders (so-so), and Snake.

With Snake I played Sunday Drive at Evergreen Terrace and started piling things on Bush’s excuse me I mean Ford’s front lawn. But then I didn’t feel like doing that anymore so I starting blocking the street that runs by the Kwik-E-Mart. :b Hehe, I bet the drivers of the busses got super annoyed. I found out how to knock over those Quimby boards, too! I have to knock the top off, the picture part, then the posts can be run over.

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