yayness! forensic science!

*screams and heaves and blablaIdon’tknow* O_O bwalldiakoneak still can’t talk but hafta or will have nightmares and should probably change the channel ’cause it’s seems to be more tense stuff but saleiaonkvriwaklnd va!

*deep breath* Okay, so I was watching Forensic Files (or whatever it’s called) on Court TV (or CourTV???), harmless, right? Well this episode was about these two people, married, and their dead daughter, supposedly killed by them, but the couple said their dogs did it. *deep breaths* Well anyway, they showed the actual pictures of the girl. O_O And I saw her boooone!! *tears eyes out* Gah! Still see it! Wuahhhh!!! *runs around the room picturing happy hoppy bunnies and green grass and bleeding rainbows* Okay, I remember wondering what “live” bone looks like, but I also remember saying to myself, ‘I don’t want to see living bone in a person’s body!’ Which, yes, is pretty impossible, but whatever.

Okay, umm, anyway, the story is that this family (mom, dad, grammar school-aged girl, and four year old April) bought a farm and had most of everything, barn, house, horses (that was an ugly horse they showed, btw) and dogs. The older girl was at school, April was outside playing, the mom was inside, the dad was in a building on the edge of their property. At noon the mom called for April but didn’t get a response, and the dad came running up with a nude April, bleeding with cuts all over her, bruised, and a huuuuge gash on her right thigh, right down to her bone. >_<

Blablablah, emergency, police, investigation, and everything: police said the dad did it all with a variety of weapons: his hunting knife (“possible” blood O_o), a curling iron (wow, interesting weapon), and this is just soo ridiculous … pushpins! The little colorful things found on bulletin boards! Seriously, that’s just too weird. I mean, he went to his work area, then his bathroom, then the study, to gather these things? Well anyway, he went to jail ’cause of stupidity, then later forensic science (yay!) was used to prove one of their dogs did actually go wild and chew her up.

*shudders* Very scary images. And here’s another one! That Blockbuster commercial has the ugliest guinea pig ever. I mean, I’ve never seen an ugly guinea pig (even the ones with skin conditions … ermm, except for maybe that bred-to-be-bald one), but that thing most definately is an ugly guinea pig. :/ Another thing! Guinea pigs shouldn’t be housed with rabbits, or even bunnies, ’cause the rabbits’ hind legs are way dangerous when they kick out.

^_^; I’m done!

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