book shopping

Yaaaaay! I finally got to go to Barnes & Noble!! yayay! And um, if anyone was paying attention, no Mommy did not take me when she said she would, ’cause I didn’t have any money and she didn’t feel like lending me any. ’Tis okay, this way I got the books I’ve been waiting for for suuuch a long time: What Janie Found by Caroline B. Cooney, Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, and Lirael by Garth Nix. bweeeee! such fun, such fun!

They didn’t have For All Time though. :( I’ll just have to buy it off Amazon. :b Daddy told me Amazon lowered their minimum free shipping order to $49.99. From there I want Episode Zero, Chobits, X/1999, and Star Wars Ep II visual dictionary. Oh, and For All Time, of course. ^_^

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