laptop troubles, “Portibal”

AAARRRRGH!! >.< *whacks her laptop* I don’t wanna whack it, but I don’t know what’s wrong with it. ^_^;; *pats laptop* I guess I have to talk to Daddy about … nvidia thingimabobber … the blue screen (with a black border) said if it was the first time it happened, turn off the computer and start all over again. But if it had happened before, to contact … someone … to see if my drivers were correctly installed. o_o Did I do something wrong? I hope not. :b Of course. But anyway.

The last two times it froze, it just froze, absolutely. Even my music stopped playing. And when I took away all the power sources, and restarted it, the laptop didn’t seem messed up … *koff* Or at least as far as I can tell.

Euww, I hope the fact that I was at Diaryland the last two times the laptop froze doesn’t mean a thing. Really truly seriously. *hugs diaryland* You couldn’t do anything horrible, oh no, not you.

I feel like naming my laptop. :b “The laptop” and “my laptop” are getting boring and repetitive. But I can’t think of anything to name it. Aii. Well. Something to ponder about. :D

3 thoughts on “laptop troubles, “Portibal”

  1. ^^ Portibal! I like that name. ^^

    If I got a laptop, I think I would’ve named it Plum (or Sumomo, Plum’s Japanese name) from Chobits…or Chi! Or Yuzuki… ::ponders some more::

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