TV day and house pricing

Today, instead of going on aim, like I told myself I would yesterday, I sat with Mommy and watched tv. First we watched Sylvia Browne on Montel. This show was about dreams. Hehehe.

This one lady, I figured out her dream when she said “I was in a house I loved …” I thought immediately, past life dream. And yeah, I was right. XD Her dad was insane and strangled her in a past life. O_o Another lady said she’d dreamed six weeks ago (before the taping) that she went to the bathroom and … dropped out a baby girl. o.o; Sylvia Browne said yeah, she’s gonna have a girl. How can she tell? I mean, other than that she’s a psychic … what’s the difference between that dream and other dreams of pregnancies? I dunno.

Then we watched … or I watched 80s videos on VH1 Classic. Yes, very original. Nicer than videos nowadays. This one video I saw on Yahoo, it was just a film editting thing with footage of a concert. Boring. But there was an 80s video I saw that was kind of formatted like that. Boring.

Then Mommy came back to sit down, after she’d done whatever, so I handed her the remote so I could finish reading Sybil and take a bath. She found this movie on the International Film Channel, Raise the Red Lantern, that had started half an hour earlier. She said, “Oh, watch this, this is tragic.” So I watched it. And yeah, it’s really sad. O_o In that, “That’s just sad,” kind of way.

After that this short came on, called “Colic” (Mommy: “It better be short!” ^^;;;) about, well, a colicky baby, and the dad, who had to quiet it down, and it showed him … well it’s hard to explain. Anyway. It was very clever. ^_^ Mommy always complained about mothers who made their husbands take care of the baby in the night when the husbands had to go to work the next morning, and the mothers didn’t have to go anywhere, and had the time to take a nap the next day while the baby was sleeping. Sometimes I wonder if she’d get mad at me if I made my husband get up to take care of the baby … *koff*

Well, then other stuff showed, and the next movie was Eat Drink, Man Woman, so I watched that. Dangit! I want good food!! Ever since Hamburger Habit, I’ve been wanting really good food. Like chicken teriyaki from the mall, or udon from Mitsuwa, or steak from George Petrelli’s … or almost anything. Mommy asked me, “Are you pregnant?” Ahah. Right. Anyway.

The daughters in the movie, they were all twenty or over, and they still lived at home. Wow. There was a study shown on Yahoo recently about expectations people have for life, and people generally said they should move out of their parents’ house by 21.5 (I think), which made no sense to me. I mean … if you’re still there at that age, just stay for a year or two longer, save money, buy a house, build up on real estate, help the economy! … Okay I’ll quit ranting. Um. Anyway.

The oldest daughter was … 27, at least, I don’t know her age, 31 at most, and everyone considered her an old maid, and expected her to stay at home and take care of her father. The youngest was 20 and worked at some fastfood restaurant while she went to university or whatever. The middle girl, I don’t know how old she was, but she was like one of the only women in an airline business thing, and I guess she slept around rather easily, and no one faulted her for still living at home. She was very successful. Although she got an apartment at the beginning of the movie, it was because she couldn’t stand her father anymore. Um. The point is … I don’t really care. I’ll live at home for as long as I durn well want to!

*ahem* Really, it isn’t a bad idea, considering. Mommy said stay as long as we wanted, she couldn’t stand having us spending money on housing when she had perfectly good roofs for us. Also, I wouldn’t have to buy/cook food. And I have no idea what job I’ll have, but I could save up a lot of money for a house in this area that way.

Which is another thing. Over the weekend, Daddy showed me this ad: built in 1939, “fabulous details, fireplace, plantation shutters, and hardwood floors,” “formal dining room with arched entry,” 3 bedroom, 1.75 bathroom, living area 1,580 sq ft, lot size 4,996 sq ft … asking price: $569,000. What the hell??? OUR house is worth that much, if not more! We don’t have the “fabulous details” or the “plantation shutters,” but we have FIVE bedrooms and TWO AND A HALF bathroom. Maybe the great room brings down the price though. A lady at my cousin’s bridal shower said they’re making houses with great rooms now, and just a small living room. She thought it made sense, everyone in the same room. Another lady said she thought the kids would be too noisy and in the way. O.o What kind of gathering is that, I ask? Not one that I’d wanna be at …

Anyway. I’m telling myself I’ll be going on aim tomorrow, but I don’t know. It’s just easier not to.

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