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Ahhhh!! *is in trouble* ‘Cause I know I want ParaKiss 2–4 (yaaay! Waldenbooks has 2 in finally! might not have 4 though … ¬_¬) so that’s three books. But they probably wouldn’t have Flower Drum Song. The one at Westside Pavilion didn’t. And … I just never really went in a book store looking for a specific book unless it was part of a series. ^^;; And I’m not reading any series right now. So … if I go in … ahh!! I spent all my money?!?!

Yeah. :x Or maybe I could buy Kare Kano. Or … that other manga I was looking at. *can’t remember* Or I could buy more X/1999. The publisher is selling a newer edition of that. I don’t really understand why. It’s all more uniform, though, I gotta admit.

Oh. On Tuesday I bought Sailor Moon volume 11 aaaand … Megatokyo volume 1! XD Ish sho cooool. :D I’ve already read that part online (haven’t read the rest though ^^;;), but the printed version has a commentary by Fred. Yaaay. :) Is very cool. ^_^

6 thoughts on “books books books!

  1. :DD Haha! So cool! Megatokyo!

    The comic itself really changed as it progressed (compare earlier strips with the more recent ones). Not only the drawing style, but the arrangement of the panels. Interesting, hn?

  2. Really? Coool. :)

    Yeah, he said he couldn’t do much with the story in the four-panel layout. Too bad, ’cause I still get confused sometimes. >.>

  3. Yep, very cool! ^_^

    Hmm, really? I guess I kind of gotten used to it (especially after reading El Enigma, by Keiiii from Cozypaper)

    I kind of like the new style, since it seems to give the comic more…feeling? than it did if it just stuck to four panels. Haha, maybe it’s just me. :P

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