once again

I’m boooored (’cause … fun was dispersed earlier) and huuuuungry (’cause … I woke up at 11 and didn’t eat lunch at 12) and so … Wednesday What-If (entirely too lazy to a href it, maybe I’ll do it later, but just look at some previous entry)

1. What if you got to choose what house to be in? (For those who don’t know… Gryffindor: brave/noble, Hufflepuff: loyal/kind, Ravenclaw: smart/clever, or Slytherin: cunning/evil.)
Then gee, I sure would struggle and suffer in Ravenclaw, wouldn’t I! :B Nah, I guess I’d choose Hufflepuff …

2. What if you got to choose a character with whom to “hook up”? (Sorry to those who haven’t read the books, can’t help you here.)
Umm … I’d still choose Matt?

3. What if you got to choose what kind of wand you received, how long would it be, what would it be made out of, and what would be inside it? (For those who don’t know: wands can be made up of such combinations as 6-inch ash containing dragon heartstrings, or 11.5-inch oak containing unicorn hairs, et cetera.)
I don’t like wands. I don’t like waving them around. (“You’re gonna put someone’s eye out with that thing!”)

4. What if you had to pick one animal to take with you to Hogwarts as a pet (cat, owl, toad or rat), which one, and why that animal?
Owl because … it’s trained to come back to me. A cat would come and go as it pleases. Besides, owl seems like the coolest answer. :b

5. What if you had to endure one of the three tasks from Book Four, which one and why? (For those of you who haven’t read up, the tasks were… #1: face a fully-grown nesting dragon with nothing but a wand; #2: survive underwater for an hour to rescue your best friend from its murky depths; or #3: find your way to the center of a hedge maze that is chock-full of magical obstacles.)
Three … maybe … can’t really remember the fourth book. ^^;; I read it … two years ago? Over two years ago.

Mmm … boro … *drools and chows down*

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