there’s got to be another way

Hah, I just realized there’s this option to have people registered before they can comment … and that I had it marked “yes” ^^;; I don’t really know how I’d have people register. How did I register in this thing? I forgot. Uhh … too lazy to go find out.

Yesterday I watched Mean Girls. Mum thinks it was a copy of some executive’s video, and not a pirate, ’cause it was bad quality, but in a good way. Meaning, it wasn’t slanted, and there weren’t shadows of people walking across. ^^;; (unlike Shrek, which we watched Saturday.) It was just fuzzzzy and there was an annoying crackle in the background, which I managed to partially get rid of (Mum: “There was background noise?” ^^;).

I liked Mean Girls, but it wasn’t as good as the commercials make it out to be … :/ I don’t know if I’d watch it again. But I’d tell people to go see it if they’re interested! (And … I’m not a hypocrite; I wouldn’t have paid theater admission to see it, I wouldn’t have rented it from Blockbuster, and if it weren’t on HBO later I’d go through my whole life without having seen it.)

Shrek was good. Not fantabulously amazing, but if anyone had a DVD or paid for my ticket, I’d see it again. >b

Most of my summer so far, my internet access has been subpar. :( Half the time it’s really really really really really slow and the other half it’s all right. One time when it was slow I tried running a speed test, and my browser sat there for about ten minutes (or more) before the site told me the id thingamabobber had timed out and I should check to make sure I met the requirements of the test (cable or DSL access). O_o

Earlier this year I finally managed to get Launch videos to work on my laptop, but now they don’t work because the internet speed is too slow and the video keeps “buffering” or my connection is broken and I have to click OK to restart the video, but that never works and the window just freezes and I can’t do anything with it.

Also, the host servers I use for (Host Affect) seem to be down quite a bit. I don’t know. They say they have 99.9% uptime (equalling 45 minutes per month of downtime), which means roughly 1.5 minutes downtime every day. A week or two ago I couldn’t get for an hour or so almost every day. I didn’t think the internet was that slow then, either. x_x I dunno.

I have 21 different nail polish colors. Blues, pinks, purples, reds, and shimmery colors. I also have four clear bottles (one’s this Sally Hansens diamond strength thing, one is a plain clear color, one is Cutex Strong Nail with glitter in it, and the last is a topcoat). Right now I like only two or three of the colors. I want new nail polish. ^^;;; Yeah, I’m horrible all right.

Books I want to reread: Sabriel and Lirael, Crown Duel, and the Ender series. I also want to reread The Sandman series. I also have By the River Piedra I Sat and Wept to read. I just have to finish reading Jo’s Boys. Blah. That one is so unlike Little Women … but I won’t get rid of it, because it’s part of the series. ^^;;; I also have to buy Abhorsen before I read Sabriel or Lirael. That came out … a looong time ago … but it didn’t go to paperback for a while, and by the time it did I’d stopped going to the young adult section. :(

I have ten dollars. I want anime posters, Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Confidential Confessions 4, Abhorsen, and The Time Traveler’s Wife. ^^;; Good luck to me.

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  1. I want to finish the Animorph series… the problem is that there was atleast 20 books I still need to read (not counting spinoffs and so forth) and it was getting crappy wehn I left of ^_^;; It got better apperantly

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