what the hell (WinXP SP2)

This entry is for the Windows XP Service Pack 2 thingamabobber. >b

Okay, so I downloaded and installed it and uhh … I have a headache. *forgot what she was going to say* x_X Um. It isn’t as bad as this one article that I read said it would be.

First thing when I restarted, that window opened telling me something was off about my Norton AntiVirus program. The article said it was because the NAV wasn’t registered in some Windows thing or another … I dunno, I don’t really remember (this entry is also proof for how bad my memory is). And that it would be fixed in later versions of NAV … ? Something like that. Well, Daddy just told me to select “I will monitor this program on my own.”

Second thing all these shortcuts and stuff were added (or re-added; I take down a lot of stuff ^^;), that I got rid off (had to remember how to get the IE icon off my desktop without deleting it).

Third the pop-up blocker has a really really annoying way of alerting me that a pop-up was blocked. That being a new toolbar appearing at the top of my window and pushing down the whole display of my browser. x_X I turned that off. I also turned off my Pop-Up Stopper. (Yay! I can open little pop-ups on Firefox now instead of getting a new tab with a blank page! :b)

Fourth, I opened an html page I have on my hard drive, the Lisa Loeb fanlisting members page. That little toolbar popped up again and told me, “To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options…” I wouldn’t really have minded that (except for the part where, you know, the e-mail addresses aren’t displayed because the Javascript spam blocker I use is “active content”), but then I went to check out the same exact page online, at inangeling-dot-net, and absolutely nothing like that showed up. I was able to view the e-mails addresses. Yeah. That’s really helpful, blocking something from me that I have on my own hard drive and not blocking something that’s online.

The fourth thing is the only one that reeeeally annoys me. Stupid thing. I don’t want to turn that option off, because I despise ActiveX controls, but then, I don’t know how often I encounter those. I know very well how many Javascripts I have on my hard drive, though. x_x

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  1. No.. it’s because your a peasant to him.

    *Eisner and Gates are flying in jet packs*
    Michael Eisner: Wow, they look like ants from up here.
    Gates: They ARE ants Michael, remember that!

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