Not that this has much to do with Jeff Gordon. :b But I looked up Splenda online ’cause I saw that commercial again, the one for Pepsi Edge where it flashes something like “50% less sugar with Splenda.” Here’s what I got:


Chlorines? Euww. Regardless of whether sucralose is actually digested and absorbed by the body or not, I just don’t want chlorine going through me. >_>

C2 (which is what Pepsi Edge is copying) doesn’t have aspartame or sucralose or anything, but it does contain phenylalanine. I looked that up too. I couldn’t find anything much about that other than it’s something that the body needs naturally and that some people can’t have too much of it and I don’t really remember what else. But I found out tonight it’s one of the amino acids included in aspartame. That explains why, when one looks up phenylalanine, one gets lots of results for aspartame as well. :b

Not that I like C2 or anything. Mickey bought it, ’cause he’s a fan of Coca Cola (don’t ask). I think he, Mum, and Hidek tried it, and they liked it. Mickey offered one to me, but I didn’t want to drink it until I looked up phenylalanine, then after that I forgot about it. ^_^;; So whatever.

All I really know is I’m not drinking sugar-free hot cocoa mixes. And I’m not even sure about regular cocoa mix, either, ’cause the last ingredient was sucralose. I know it’s the very last, but I’m a freaky health-conscious person that way.

Matt once said he was drinking a diet soda. I wanted to scream at him, “Stop drinking it and don’t ever let it come to your lips for the rest of your life!!!” But I didn’t bother. >_> Yuck.

Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle R, they’ve drunk that stuff every day for the past 20? years or so. I remember being 8 and asking if I could have a sip of some diet drink or other and everyone would always say, “No, they don’t know if it’s safe for kids or not.” :b But anyway.

I read that aspartame could cause migraines. o.o Luckily the worst my grandparents suffer (luckily???) is memory loss. And we all thought Grandma was developing Alzheimer’s … *blink* But now Grandpa is just as bad.


Something else I looked up tonight … SM00 was watching Full House, and Bob Saget was playing the guitar, and it looked like he really was playing, so I looked into it, and found this page [famous people who play guitar on archive.org]. (Psst, look under politicians. Oh yeah. XD Vote for Kerry!) At first I was surprised that they listed Audrey Hepburn as being able to play guitar, but then I just remembered, duh, she played guitar in Breakfast at Tiffany’s! I like that song. ^^

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  1. Everything you eat has some incredibly lethal in it. The ethane in alchohal for example is incredibly lethal (a glass could kill you really). Of course it’s so diluted it doesn’t do the job.

    Table salt is probably the nastiest one

  2. Table salt: sodium chloride, or NaCl.

    I played with KCL and KCL3 in chem yesterday! Well actually my partner handled all of it. :b

    Yeah, I know, the problem is eating too much of it. A lot of foods nowadays use sucralose/aspartame/whatever. That’s my complaint.

  3. For those who are chemistry ignorant… Chlorine and Sodium are incredibly toxic. So essentially table salt, something extremely valuable to life, is made out of two things that will kill you easily.

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