Harold and Maude

All plans to get to bed at a reasonable time have shattered … stupid computer. It’s a black hole for time, or something.

Anyway. Today I saw Garden State for the second time because my friend hadn’t seen it. XD He liked it. Yay!

Also today, Mum had me watch Harold and Maude. Woah. So many similarities. It’s weird. Not the story, really (guy learning how to live, love … basic plot). But like … funeral, check, drugs, check (very minor in HaM though :P), cop scene, check, parents not really thinking of the kid, check … lots of weird stuff.

Anyway. So I went to the haroldandmaude LJ community.

“… apparently the writer and director [of Garden State] is obsessed with harold and maude and made all of the actors in the movie watch it and analyze it before they started filming. and it is suppose to be similar to harold and maude in certain ways.”

Haha. Love it.

Zach Braff is directing/directed Scrubs episode 408. Mwa. I had a sudden light of inspiration and checked his blog and found that out then went to Yahoo to check and the episode won’t be playing at least for another ten days. I don’t really know if I’d notice anything though, I don’t usually watch Scrubs ’cause it’s on at a time that I’d like to be asleep. ^_^;;

I went to bed around midnight a week ago and this past week has been the easiest week for me to fall asleep. But I haven’t talked to Adam for over a week either. :( There’s gotta be a balance somewhere. Go on aim tomorrow, I order thee (talking to myself).

I’m saving Garden State and Harold & Maude LJ icons. :b I need more icon space. Blah blah blah …

Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lost in Translation, and Harry Potter. This person rocks. If she’d only do Spiderman 2 and that would be all the movies I’ve seen in the past year. I also think I should see Trainspotting. And Amelie.

… Mum said she’d help me wash my car. Yay! I don’t like washing my car. I mean … not that often. *hasn’t washed her car for a couple months now* I didn’t get my wheel rims completely clean last weekend. ;_; Two hours soaking my hands in Dawn … dry peeling skin during the week … my nails dried out and, er, required serious trimming (the tips tore off >.>) … and there’s still @$#! on the rims! There was also bird poop on my car. ;_; My car, my car … *cries*

12:14 goodnight wonder what kind of dreams I’ll have having seen GS and HaM. Wonder if I’ll be able to remember them.

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