mixed race

On a quiz I’m taking…

Interracial marriage is…
…not something I would consider
…a beautiful thing, because race doesn’t matter
…fine for the couple, but hard on the kids

Maybe it’s stupid of me, but I never seriously thought about that. I mean, I’ve thought of the mixed nationalities thing, like … a kid would have two different countries’ cultures to inherit. Or, if I were to adopt an African kid (there was a report on the news saying a lot of American children were being adopted in Canada, and that’s because the kids aren’t white), how the hell would I teach this kid about his or her African heritage? I never really thought about … race, per se. Like, a kid who wasn’t in one group, or another, so where exactly do they belong? No where. Like this one person, whose blog I’m reading. Yes, I’m naive, yes, I grew up in a school that was diverse … I just never thought about it.

The outside world is a scary place.

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