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Wow. I was thinking of my Homestead account, which I had thought I couldn’t use … because of ActiveX controls or whatever … *waits for the search hits on “ActiveX” to rise up again* … but I can use it on Firefox! I just had to stop being stubborn and allow Homestead to store their cookie on my computer. haha. So. Yeah. Wow. I had lots of old images there. Most of it was requests for Evanescence graphics … I wish people would make requests for graphics on ev_layouts again. pooh. (Yeah, I go through one period where I prefer graphics editing, then another where I’d much rather code layouts …) But some of them were used waaaay back when on ezboard. :O

So. Yeah. That lead to me replacing all the broken images on my board. Then I rearranged things … deleted forums … went through some old topics and deleted some … I’ve decided that there are things there I want to save, so I’m going to weed through the rest of the topics there and save the funny/weird/memorable ones. heehee.

Yeah … I spent, I think, maybe three hours on that … how sad. ehehe.

“don’t worry, I get hyper from weird things too. like Trowa being used as a human dart. WAHAHA!!”
8/4/00 10:21 pm

I am probably the only one laughing … oh well! *laughs*

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