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Weird. Just had to save this somewhere. I was looking at (found through Noelle’s entry :)) and there’s this one “organza” dress so I looked at it and thought, ‘So that’s what organza is?’ I always thought it was orange or peach-ish or something. *sweatdrop*

I got that idea from this one book I read when I was a kid. And, dood, I haven’t thought of that book in a long time … I don’t even remember what it was called … or what the cover looked like … or anything. But. I remember … it was about these three girls … oh! Okay, I think it was called Ballet … something or other. Yeah. The three girls were sisters, although they weren’t related, they were adopted by this one guy who traveled the world, and he’s absent throughout most of the book … causing them some financial problems … so it was special when they got to go out and buy organza to make dresses they needed. ^^;

Yeah. I remember the cover now. It just had the three girls on it: the oldest, blonde/red hair, who liked acting, I think?; the middle girl, with black hair, who liked tomboyish things; and the youngest … I think she was the darling of the bunch, she lived for ballet, ’cause her mother was a dancer. Yeah. I dunno. ^^;; I think I got that book from the elementary school library for reading the most books in one month or something.

(At present, I feel guilty for participating in those reading programs. It’s not like I needed encouragement to read more. Other kids probably would have been delighted to be top in something. Or … I don’t know. I just think it’s kind of unfair for being rewarded for … doing what I usually do. Kind of like when I was student of the month once in middle school because I brought up my hideous English Language Arts grade from a C to a B. [I was being lazy and slacking off.] I thought, I get notice for doing what I’m supposed to do?!)

Umm … yeah. How can it be 9:40 already? *grumbles and gets ready for bed*

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