fanlisting gripes

I’m going through all the fanlistings I joined and … making sure I’m still listed, making sure the fanlisting is still there, other things. Why? Because … I guess I have nothing better to do. (I think, when I do nothing on the weekend [I mean go out somewhere] I get bored and … I don’t know what I’m thinking really because my body wants sleep but I’m too bored to sleep. [Make something out of that if you will.]) I already looked at lj, the site that will remain unnamed on my blog because it’s too trendy, the comments on lj, updated my fanlistings, ran Norton Anti-Virus and Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware (because I randomly got a pop-up warning me some IP-url was trying to set a cookie; nothing was found), umm … updated all the minor pages on this site … and I don’t really remember what else I did so I guess it was nothing interesting.

Anyway! (I got this health booklet thingie from my psych prof because the health center printed them out and he thought we students should have one so I took one and it says in here “Staying awake for 17 to 19 hours is like having a blood alcohol level of .05…” WOO! Um, yeah, I know that doesn’t mean they have the same … chemical? effect, but it’s still funny. And no, I’m not drunk. Honestly.)

Two gripes I have about fanlistings (I don’t remember where I put the other gripes, so … no sort of linkage for … linking purposes). One, when the list isn’t sorted alphabetically, it’s sorted by member id/join order. It just makes it that much harder to find my name, meaning I have to pull out the Ctrl-F action, which isn’t too bad really but still fairly annoying considering lists are meant for an easier read (no?). And seriously, what’s the point of it? “Oh look, the person on the bottom of my list is such a BIG NUMBER. I’m really POPULAR, I have so many people joining my fanlisting of a subject not at all related to me.”

Two, the Enthusiast list default setup, just yuck. I am very much partial to the PHPFanBase list. ALL the members on ONE single page. No flipping through multiple pages trying to guess where “Jei…” might end up on the list. I guess I understand why the Enth list is set up that way, it makes it less, I don’t know, demeaning? to the members (I’m no longer a number! hurrah!), and it’s trying to lessen the download time and such. (If those are the reasons, I’m just guessing.) But … I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t cut down on time much either way, download time or my time trying to find my name. For example. The Inuyasha fanlisting uses the Enth script. I applaud them (since I never managed to get it to work for me *pout*). I just wish they could find the coding (I hope that’s the word I’m thinking of) that says how many people are listed per page. Because every time I look at the list I keep going from somewhere in the middle to … wherever I am on that list. I usually end up going through about 10-20 pages searching for J … then Je … then … finally … Jei. I know the list is so huge that she doesn’t want too much data downloaded at one time, but … maybe if she changed it from 25 members to maybe 50? then I could cut down on how many pages I look through.

Or maybe I’m just being an uber dork, checking a few times a year to see that my info is exactly the same as … the last time I checked. (Or maybe, all the time I’m doing this, I’m secretly cursing the people who DON’T update their info in the fanlistings that I run. *snerk*)

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