My brother is listening to KOST 103.5’s holiday songs as he usually does. I usually think most of the songs are good, with some bad ones thrown in, some that are ehh.

But just now I heard the WORST cover of a Christmas song, EVER! It was “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” recorded by I don’t know who, in a pop, teeny-bopper style. I have nothing against teen pop. But seriously. HAVE YOU HEARD THE ORIGINAL SONG?! It’s … not meant to be sad, even though its origins were >.> … but still, it’s not a jump up on the trolley dance around kind of song.

(Don’t know if I wrote about it on this blog before, but the original lyrics were really depressing, because of World War II. To read the depressing lyrics, along with humorous commentary, go read this Velcrometer blog, December 26 entry.)

(I just had a memory stirred. Did Coldplay record a song using the original lyrics last year?)

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