V (for the Guy Fawkes mask-wearer)

Last night (erm, Wednesday night *looks at date/time of entry*) I went to see V for Vendetta with Daddy. Right when I stepped in the theater and the previews were loud (we were running a tad late), I thought, ‘Oh no, I forgot it’s a violent movie, and violent movie = loud volume which means me plugging my ears for the entire time.’ (Although there were times where it was very talky and I could unplug my ears, there were still a couple scenes where I found the background music to be too loud.)

But anyway. What do I think? I honestly cannot answer truthfully. I really have no idea. I’m biased on both sides. It’s a Natalie Portman movie! But then, it’s just another Oooh don’t let the government get too much power or else movie, with killing and explosions. It did have an interesting way of addressing it/“solving” the problem though. So … meh.

I wonder if there’s something wrong when during one scene in the movie I thought, ‘Is this Guy Fawkes mask the one that Neil Gaiman wanted from his childhood, or is it just specifically designed for the movie?’ And, looking at his August 21, 2005 entry through the handy Search function (which I will not be linking to … no showing up of my blog in his access logs, nosirree!), I suppose it is. ^^;;;

I never understood the Guy Fawkes thing. Perhaps that problem stems from the fact that I learned about Guy Fawkes (and Guy Fawkes Day, somewhat) from a children’s book by Diana Wynne Jones, called Witch Week (which I still have, and which I realized last night that I absolutely love it, despite not having read it in quite a few years). (I couldn’t quite figure it out, did he or did he not really succeed? [I never claimed to have good analytical reading skills.])

(Also, *pokes fingers together* I never thought I’d be one to develop a crush on someone whose face I never see. heh)

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