this is irritating (RAID and Adobe)

Activation problems with RAID configurations
When you activate an Adobe product, the product license data is stored on a secure location of the hard drive. The license data includes an identifier for the machine, which is constructed based on certain parameters of the hard drive. On certain RAID configurations, the license data or the machine identifier could be misconstrued. If you experience problems with activation and have a RAID configuration, call Customer Service and choose option 3.

So now I have to call again and talk to someone about this?? (I installed Adobe CS2 by the way.)

I called twice. First time, I didn’t have the right activation number, and ended up talking to someone. (I wonder what this is that I wrote down.) Second time (“repairing” activation) I didn’t have to talk to anyone (after I hit the “repair” option instead of “activate” option, that is, ehehe).

I’ve never called services for computer help. I wonder how annoyed I’ll get. Oh well. I don’t feel like going through all this trouble at the moment. I’ll call later this week. Or the weekend. Or next week. Or …

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