Yesterday the Sci-Fi channel was playing a few Firefly episodes. I didn’t feel like doing anything else, so I watched one episode because, well, I see quite a few Firefly icons on Livejournal which makes me curious about a series that has such a following, and also because Jewel Staite is in it!

The episode I watched was “Safe,” and that made me really want to know more about this River character, so I watched a few more episodes. I’d seen “Our Mrs. Reynolds” before on Fox late night programming, but I only watched off and on until I saw Jewel Staite’s character, and I wasn’t drawn into the series then.

Now I’m really interested in Firefly. Not interested enough to go out of my way to see the rest of the series, but if it’s on I’ll watch it, and I’ll add the movie to my must-watch (eventually) list.

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