NAV upgrade

Last Saturday I bought a copy of Norton AntiVirus 2007, since my update subscription on my 2002 is running out, and apparently it isn’t going to be updated anymore. *shakes fist* I’ve been reading online about people who’ve had problems upgrading their NAVs. So I’m planning to backup all my laptop files onto my desktop (imagine that, and up til now I’ve been fighting moving over to my desktop completely ^^;) before I uninstall 2002 and install 2007.

There’s another bug I’ve read about where people’s update subscription expires after only half the paid time, or 6 months. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. >.> I’ve got two copies of Norton AntiVirus; 2006 on my desktop and 2007 for my laptop. My brother also has 2006 for his laptop. (I just didn’t like McAfee’s reliance on IE’s ActiveX controls, otherwise I’d use that.)

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