I didn’t vote this election. I feel so bad. But I wasn’t at home today, or even the weekend before last, which is when my family went to vote touchscreen. This is the first election where I haven’t voted!! It’s a blot on my good record! (Well okay I missed a local election for my city which I didn’t know about, but I wasn’t there for that election either, and no one outside of the city would really care about the outcome anyway. *grin*)

I didn’t go the absentee ballot route because when I was home the October 13 weekend, my family still hadn’t received our sample ballots, and I had no idea how else to get an absentee ballot any other way. Other than um, going down to some L.A. County office and proving who I am and the whole shebang. Even if I could have found a way to get one, I didn’t really feel like checking the mail every day (we only look in the mailbox once or twice a month; and by “we” I mean my brother or his friend), nor did I feel like having to get to the post office and sending it back through the mail.

So now I guess I don’t have a right to complain about Schwarzeneggar still being the governator. *grin* I don’t know. I guess I’m just ignorant, but I didn’t think he did that bad of a job. Better than Gray Davis anyway. *furtive glance* Plus, I definitely probably maybe wouldn’t have liked Angelides any better than Arnold. Yes, he’s democrat, but he was destroying wetlands! (/End propaganda.) Mum also said something or other about him not thinking about some group or other, maybe involving businesses and taxes or something. Whatever. I voted for Steve Westly anyway. grrrs.

My brother keeps bringing up the fact that when I graduate college I’ll have Arnold’s signature on my diploma. Oh yeah, that’s a great reason to elect him as head of California.

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