Bush and moral values

When respondents were asked to pick the one issue that mattered most in choosing a president, “moral values” ranked first at 22 percent, surpassing the economy (20 percent), terrorism (19 percent) and Iraq (15 percent).

Above from an old article I posted here November 2004 (Election Reinforces U.S. Religious Divide).

Those assembled [at “impeachment headquarters”] cited various Bush actions or policies, including “lies that led the U.S. into war.”

They also said that Bush-Cheney policies precipitated torture, illegal spying on American citizens, and the curtailment of privacy and civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism.

The latest irritant was the president’s decision to commute the prison sentence of former Cheney aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, whom a jury convicted of obstructing justice.

From an article in the L.A. Times today (A Place to Push Impeachment). But of course what’s in the first and second paragraphs aren’t immoral, those actions were meant to protect good God-fearing Christians from heathen-induced suffering.

And the third paragraph? Who really knows what’s going on there? It doesn’t impact most of Americans’ daily life, so of course it’s of no consequence. Just like Nixon being pardoned didn’t hurt anyone in the 70s.

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