B Is for Buy

I couldn’t help myself. I bought Neil Gaiman’s M Is for Magic. I was browsing the children’s section of Borders (research for book design class) when I saw it and started staring at it and the “First Edition” line on the copyright page, and trying to figure out which stories I had and which ones I didn’t.

I think I have almost half of them. Which means that almost $9 was technically wasted. But I spent more than $9 on new Neil stories! woot! Should tide me over until his next book comes out.

(I wonder what it means that I don’t go more than a few months without buying something Neil has written. Is he prolific? Am I obsessed? Both? I bought The Absolute Sandman vol. II and Stardust: A Visual Companion [where he is quoted or something, and Maddy shows up too :b] within the past, I’d say, three months.)

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