more comment spam, and comments on words

I now have 16 more spam added to my Akismet hold. I forgot to delete the ones that were there when I wrote my last entry…

But I’m moving on!

My site has now been declared lucky by one comment spammer. Is that lucky for spammers, or lucky for me? Or lucky for visitors? (I think that would be the best way to increase traffic, don’t you? “Visit my site! Click three times and your wish will be granted, guaranteed!”)

Another comment read “what percent of people born here are illegal and legal”

I can answer that right here: none! That’s because you can’t be both at the same time. The comment should have read “What percent of people born here are illegal, and what percent are legal?” Break up the classifications of legal and illegal. Even “What percent of people born here are illegal or legal?” would have made a bit more sense. People just can’t be “illegal and legal”!

Argh, typos and grammatical errors. It’s getting harder and harder to be a closet grammar nazi.

The first shocking instance I saw was a local political print ad using a newspaper headline with a typo. I don’t remember the typo. Something involving an apostrophe. I just thought it was sad that not only did the newspaper editor miss it, but the political ad designer missed it as well — or saw it but decided to use it anyway, which I find even more sad.

Then I saw a typo in a storefront. I don’t suppose this should have shocked me much; people can’t spell nowadays and your average minimum wage worker isn’t exempt. Can’t remember what it was … argh. It’s probably better for my blood pressure that my mind is nice enough to wash away memories of typos.

After that I read a comment somewhere on … which I can’t find. Probably for the best. But oh man, was it painful to read! It seemed like the author was purposely mangling the English language. It wasn’t even “leet speak”! (Sorry, won’t use the numbers.) Shouldn’t it be obvious that if you want to communicate, you do it so that the intended audience can understand you? (Or maybe it was, and the intended audience was himself.)

The final kicker was an improper use of it’s/its (can’t remember which one) in one of those links that appears on top of Gmail. Noooo! Even Google is infected! The world is doomed! Dooomed, I tell you!

[comments closed to, ironically, combat spam on this entry]

2 thoughts on “more comment spam, and comments on words

  1. Probably not as shocking as a political paper or Gmail having a typo (but just as irritating), but I once saw a typo on MySpace that said something like “Sorry! an error occurred.” X(

  2. Hm, I understand your annoyance, but I’ve seen that in published books. I don’t know if it’s grammatically correct, but it’s like they’re emphasizing the apology part of a sentence. Don’t know how else to explain it. I rather like it — in a literary setting. Myspace shoulda just broken that up into two sentences. >.<

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