was it hell?

I found out about Jodi Picoult’s The Tenth Circle from one of the Borders e-mails. I was intrigued; a novel with comics in it? And the story seemed interesting, from the preview available online.

I bought it, read it, and was not impressed. The ending was disappointing. I was expecting more of a resolution I suppose, I don’t really remember. (Read it when, summer of last year?) Found out recently that it’s one of the author’s less stellar works, and that I should read some other title that I’m not really interested in looking into.

Also found out that quite a few people didn’t like the comics part of the book. I thought that was the best part! That, and the father character was the most interesting. I didn’t care about the mom or the daughter much. Blah.

After I finished reading it I decided to do what I always do with books I didn’t get much out of: stick it on the shelf and try reading it again sometime later. But now, I don’t think I can read it again. x_x So I’m just giving it away and writing this post about it.

(I really like the comics! :P)

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