to gleek or not to gleek

Ever since the Super Bowl, when they aired a new episode of Glee after the game on Fox, I’ve started watching Glee again. I’m still not sold on the show though.

When Glee first premiered, I tuned in every week to watch the show on Wednesdays. But after five episodes in I still didn’t care enough about the characters to keep watching, and I chose to watch new episodes of Mythbusters instead.

Well, it’s not completely true that I don’t care about the characters. I love Kurt (and Chris Colfer) to pieces, I always enjoy watching Jayma Mays, and Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester is absolutely detestable. *grin* But Kurt and Emma weren’t in the show nearly enough to keep me watching. The teacher’s wife also annoyed the patience out of me.

After all that time, I’m watching the show again because people at work watch it and it’s nice to join in the conversation, and because my brother remembers to tune in.

It seems like Glee has developed its groove, or however you’d like to express it, and got over the blahs when it first premiered. The episodes seem more engaging than before, although I still find myself drifting away in thought at times. (Distracted by my own thoughts while watching tv? Inconceivable! The reason I watch the boob tube is to get away from my own mind!)

I do like to see what songs they cover, always hoping they’ll do something that I love. (Unlikely, considering my music tastes… definitely not the Top 40. Although they kind of did a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song after the Super Bowl.) Surprisingly, some of the songs they’ve done I end up liking much more than the original recording. I’m mostly thinking of Rachel singing Katy Perry’s “Firework” here. Katy Perry’s version I find blah, but Rachel’s is a nice, listenable song.

I don’t know though, dedicating 45 minutes a week to a show where the only thing I get out of it is a few minutes (if at all) of one character I adore, and the anticipation of what song is coming up next? (I never did see the Rocky Horror episode…) Rachel’s party was funny though… drunk people are funny. (Especially when recounting history!) I think I’ll still stick to watching “just a couple more episodes,” just to make sure.

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