little buggers!

¬_¬ I am so not right with things right now.

  1. AT&T is getting rid of the server/address/whatever. My website address is changing, my e-mail address is changing, and nothing gets moved from where it is now to the new address. ¬_¬ I just realized … I deleted some things from the compi that are on my peoplemediaone site. I know, it’s safe, but only for ten days. I don’t know when Daddy’s going to fix the computer. … Maybe I should get off? ^.^; Okay okay. Anyway, I don’t know right now if I should be putting all the files on the computer or my website. I mean, not all the files, but … non-necessary-for-being-on-either-one files. Plus my e-mails don’t get saved (unless I save them to the compi on another file … but then again I don’t think Daddy’s going to save them anyway!). So I have to go through all my old e-mails and save stuff I need. Like the quotes mailing list. Ohoho, how many quotes I have on there I should put on my site …
  2. Yahoo changed the IM so the old themes don’t work. >.< I’d fix it so it’d work, but the new toolbar buttons are scrunchy! I can’t work with that! erg.
  3. EZBoard is doing some weird thing to delete unused boards and clear up space. Also, I don’t feel like posting on the boards I’m supposed to post at. But I feel guilty for not going, and kind of like I’m missing something.

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