grrrr! tv shows changing and stuff

Dangit! First I find that TVLand/Nick at Nite/whatever is editing I Love Lucy (or at least they edited the one after Hollywood where the Ricardos and Mertzes have a fight over moving to a new apartment). After that the X-Files gets cancelled (well, that I’m not so miffed over, it’s pretty dead). Then today stupidFOX cut off the end of I Love Lucy (viewers didn’t see Ricky get his job at the Tropicana!).

Now I find that Nickelodeon cancelled Invader Zim! My tv life is so unfair. And I already know about Hey Arnold! being as good as cancelled. *pouts* Television sucks. stupidFOX is editing old Simpsons episodes also, can’t forget that. Oyeah!!! My Turner Classic Movies was taken away!!! Hmph. No more black and whites and classics.

*Kenan voice* Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

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