new layout, CCS; reading

*dances* Woohoo! I made a new layout! Weird, not exactly great, but I still like it. ^u^ *laughs and points to Syaoran trying to get away from Meilin* The lyrics on the top are from The Cardigans’ [heh, of course] song Sick and Tired. lol, Syaoran’s sick and tired of Meilin … *pouts* I want a new CCS DVD! Ceol said the next one has the episode where Kero and Syaoran switch bodies. Woot! I wanna see that one! Seeee iiitt!

Umm, okay, that was weird. I talked about the order, right? Last night I finished reading X/1999 Prologue. Must have more! Mommy asked on Monday when we’re going to order from Amazon next. I told her, “As soon as I finish reading this manga.” She wants to buy a book by someone who had a near death experience. Ooh, spoOoky! Actually, it’s more confusing, and mindboggling, but whatever. And if anyone was wondering … I got to page 31 in War and Peace a while ago, but stopped reading it ’cause I got addicted to Little Women, then Little Men [which I am more than two-thirds through already O.o]. I still don’t know what mon dieu means!

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