RCT; Molly

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half or maybe 45 minutes working on a park in RCT, then this thing popped up about some error violation access, and … everything disappeared! All that hard work! *weep weep* Well, the upside is that I spent a bit too much money doing all that stuff, and a ride even broke down, killing 8 people, so I guess I’m not as sad as I could have been, losing my work. ^u^

We (as in Daddy and whoever else wants to go, not Mommy and I) are going to take Molly in to be put down tomorrow. :( But at least she won’t suffer anymore … like we’ve been letting her do the past week … and she’ll go back to Heaven. ^u^ I want another doggy!!! Mommy said we should get another cat, but I said the kitty wouldn’t come when I called it, or eat from my hand (weird picky kitties). She agreed and said dogs are the only animal that thrive on our love. heehee.

We’re looking up on Beagles, but then the book I bought (general info on most dog breeds) said it would be kinder to let it live with another dog, ’cause it’s a pack animal. Would it be too cruel to have it live with cats and guinea pigs and no other doggy? And oh yeah, Daddy doesn’t really want another dog, and I won’t have time to take care of it anyway next year. :(

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