so step up

I’m actually working on my sites. *shock gasp awe* I was reading through quotes to add to [BB (link to quotes site)]. I have a whole page, but I’m too lazy to actually sort them all where I want them to go, so they’re just sitting there.

Now I’m working on redoing the organization of [EW (link to art site)]. I already made Portibale freeze because I had over 40 images open in PSP. ^.^;; Okay, half of them were 60×60, but I guess it doesn’t matter much where my laptop is concerned. ¬_¬ But anyway. Right now I’m not sure how I want it all to look, and so I have no idea where to start, and I’m kind of going back and forth between looking at all my images and looking at the html pages. ^.^; *so lost*

I also like this Chevelle song right now, Forfeit. “Make my mind up, to go though this, or be firm and sit in silence. ‘Cause I want to fight, I want to fight, I want to prove I’m right. I want to fight, I want to fight, So turn and forfeit.” ^_^

I think that singer is the only one who can sing the same line over and over and I’d love it. Christina Aguilera really really annoys me when she does it (one of her early teenpop songs). And that song … I guess it’s by Less Than Jake? “She’s Gonna Break Soon.” I’ve never heard the whole song, or seen the whole music video, but I think I’ve seen the commercial for the album about five times. @_@

Anyway. The song with Alexis Bledel in the music video. Hidek said he doesn’t like the song because it’s too repetitive. Yeah, I say so too. Except I can kind of ignore it if I put my mind to it.

something so wrong

Yesterday I was cleaning out the pictures on the digital camera (because half of them were Hidek’s pictures of him skateboarding and his friends acting goofy :b and about 1/3 were pictures of the cats, so I didn’t care much for them) and I found this folder on Hidek’s and my compi where I’d put a bunch of digipics last year, before we went to San Fransisco, when the compi was still Mommy and Daddy’s.

I was looking at some of them, and one of them (or … two of them) was a picture of Cattre on her back with her paws up in the air on Mommy’s lap, with Molly beside Mommy looking like an afterthought or something. ^^; I think it was taken around Christmas. Not last Christmas, but the one before. Hehe. It’d be weird if it were taken last year. “AHHH!!! Dead dog in the photograph!!!” *ahem* Anyway. Then there were three pictures that weren’t renamed (I’d renamed them all because DSC#### isn’t helpful) and found the three piccies we took of Molly before she died. ;_; That made me sad for most of the rest of the day.

Did I say I didn’t like Lisa Loeb’s Cake and Pie album much? I take that back. It’s cool. Just not, you know … harsh, or anything. I listened to it today (’cause I’m tired of the rest of my music) and I like it again. :b I like “The Way It Really Is” and “Bring Me Up.”

RCT; Molly

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half or maybe 45 minutes working on a park in RCT, then this thing popped up about some error violation access, and … everything disappeared! All that hard work! *weep weep* Well, the upside is that I spent a bit too much money doing all that stuff, and a ride even broke down, killing 8 people, so I guess I’m not as sad as I could have been, losing my work. ^u^

We (as in Daddy and whoever else wants to go, not Mommy and I) are going to take Molly in to be put down tomorrow. :( But at least she won’t suffer anymore … like we’ve been letting her do the past week … and she’ll go back to Heaven. ^u^ I want another doggy!!! Mommy said we should get another cat, but I said the kitty wouldn’t come when I called it, or eat from my hand (weird picky kitties). She agreed and said dogs are the only animal that thrive on our love. heehee.

We’re looking up on Beagles, but then the book I bought (general info on most dog breeds) said it would be kinder to let it live with another dog, ’cause it’s a pack animal. Would it be too cruel to have it live with cats and guinea pigs and no other doggy? And oh yeah, Daddy doesn’t really want another dog, and I won’t have time to take care of it anyway next year. :(

Molly doggy

Umm, oyeah, Molly’s going to die in a matter of months (Mommy thinks it’s one month or less, I hope it’s 5 months but think it’s two or so) from the cancerous tumors in her lumps. And her right lung is totally collapsed. O.o >_<

Molly report

My tummy feels funny. :( Yesterday we took Molly in to the vets ’cause she couldn’t eat all of her breakfast in one sitting (and Molly is the kind of dog who’d eat ’til she throws up). Well, the vet said she has cysts/tumors/whatever, and that we may or may not be able to operate, depending on if they’re cancerous or not, and if they’re not, then if she’s stable enough to go through surgery.

They gave us ear medicine for her yucky ears which didn’t have anything to do with her lumps, and antibiotics which taste horrible (when you can smell the horribleness of pills, you know they taste awful) to get rid of the fluid around her lungs. The appointment took 4 hours and cost over $400.