GM time; private diary in searches

Oh, gee, that’s just great. ¬_¬;

Posted: 8/31/2002 11:59 PM GMT

“All servers as of today are running on GMT (UTC) time. You can then modify time based on your local time if you wish.”

That’s from my control panel. >.< I should remember to check there more often. ^_^;; But anyway, if it’s GMT, wouldn’t it be -8? Or are we on that Daylight Savings thing that I’ve never been able to remember about? *shrugs* Owell. Mystery solved! :D:D

“She did what now?” ← me. :/ From an e-mail I got: “I have visited MEILIN.DIARYLAND.COM and noticed that your website is not listed on some search engines.” Well of course not, it’s private!! >( Gehehe, where there’s supposed to be a screenshot of the page, it says “Authorization Required.” XDD Some people are really tiring.

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