time, GM stuff

Erm, the time is right now. o_? I have no idea why … it says “greymatter reads your time as 4:30” (something like that) so I put -3, and there were no changes. I put -4 and there were no changes. I put -10, and the time showed up as 10 am. o_o So now it’s at -7, and the time is right.

Does it have something to do with the Endore servers being EST? I know that whenever I upload something, like I edit a page at 12:00 am (yes it’s a totally random time, why would I ever upload something in the middle of the night? :b), upload it, edit it again, and upload it at 12:01 am, the [IE browser] ftp thing shows the file as having been edited a whole three hours ahead, at 3:00 am. o_< I have no idea … *won’t look a gift horse in the mouth*

Oh, and another thing, why do some of my entries show up as being evenly spaced in the table cell, then others have regular spacing, and aren’t lined up nicely on the right? If you have no idea what I’m talking about … neither do I. :| But look at my archives page, at the right margin.

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