huuge spider

I was picking up my CDs and putting them on the second rack, and I noticed my honey bear had a spider web on it (another one! garrrrr!). Picked it off. Suddenly noticed the hugest spider I’ve ever seen indoors (even bigger than the one on the wall that I broke legs off of ;_;). Screamed. High pitched. :b Tried to calm down. Couldn’t. Ran to N’s room and sat by him for comfort. Got stared at like I was insane.

“There’s a really big spider, the kind with long, thick legs where you can see the joints in the legs! And uh yeah I’m okay.”
“Oh, like the one that was under my dresser?”
“I don’t know … I guess.”

Went back to room. Tried to catch it. It was under my stereo. Couldn’t stand the thought of going near it anyway. ^_^;; I threw the cup at the wall (… at my Obi Wan poster … O.O) and ran off saying I couldn’t do it, it was too big.

Got Daddy to kill it (and I haven’t done that since 4th or 5th grade, don’t like killing spiders, which should show how big it was …). Picked up the stereo to get at it. It ran behind my dresser. O_O Didn’t kill it. IT’S STILL IN MY ROOM. BY MY BED! Ooh! ^_^;; The first time I don’t mind going to Noelle’s house Sunday … ^_^;;;;;;

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