Disney; Lily songs

Walt Disney is scaaary. ;-; He had a locomotive set up around his house and one time when he was getting some ideas about Disneyland (so the book says), he jumped the tracks and crashed into the living room of his house. O_< His wife was pissed. :b Then another time he … too tired to type it out.

Is smartness a gene? … I think I’ve read too many Ralph Wiggum quotes today.

“She’s touching my special area!” “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” “I bent my wookie.” “The doctor told me I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger out of there.”

Ever wish you could close your eyes and just curl up inside a song? These Lily Chou-Chou songs make me feel like that. It’s odd. I still love that movie. Well maybe not love. But … o_o! Yeah. I wanna see Battle Royale. Some site said there’s a Battle Royale II in production. O.o Well anyway. I guess I’d have to buy the movie. ‘Cause how many video rental stores have a modern disturbing Japanese film on their shelves?

-.- And apparently … I am not getting it. $37 minimum. Nuh-uh. I don’t care if people say AALCC is a copy. I ain’t paying that much. …

I keep picturing the people in AALCC listening to Lily. ^^;;; Woooow, niice. *sigh* Now Battle Royale is buggin’ me like heck. -_- Oi. I owe Mommy $25 for the Ai Yazawa artbook. Don’t know why I bought it. The scanner’s not good at all. Well, it’s adequate for normal scanning. But not scanning art and stuff. Yuck. Also Mommy wants a legal size scanner. XP W00t! Support my side! Um. But I know nothing about scanners.

“Ai no jikken” whatever jikken means. Experiment. Ah. O_o *ahem* Remind me to translate Lily Chou-Chou lyrics.

Pardon my … oddities, but in one song, it sounds like she sings “death like life.” ^^; I don’t have the lyrics for all 9 songs, so i don’t know.

I also want the rest of Paradise Kiss. $30. Fun.

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