you in your autumn sweater

Oy. IE’s gonna kill meh. x_x

Or the smiley that my friend made:


Haha. Anyway. I redid the layout, and it looks fiiiine on my computer, when it’s just an html file. But then I actually go as far as uploading the exact same layout that looks perfect, and it shows that space in between the pictures. GRRRRR! *kicks whatever’s doing it* It looks FINE on Netscape, you stupid piece of … thing!!

Oh well.

4 thoughts on “you in your autumn sweater

  1. Hmmm, the image looks fine on IE 6.0 on my ‘puter. Which is kind of interesting because I had that problem with another one of my sites. ¬__¬

  2. It always looked good to me. The only thing different is that I don’t think that light box thing wasn’t there at first. Then again I couldn’t have notice it.

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